Clambering up and over
The fence of my life
We only live once
You don’t get to do it twice
So make sure that you live
With all of your heart
Make room to forgive
And share a part
Of all that you know
With whoever you meet
Your footsteps they walk
But it’s the ground that they meet
As you trod your own path
Through the forests to shore
I know God exists
And that he loves me more
Than I could ever count
With my eyes on the stars
He let me go free
Now I’m all what you are’s
As the clouds in the sky
Bounce with sunlight
Get up off the ground
And you’ll be alright
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps
And become serene
Wake up in the night
Because it is a dream
And you don’t have to go days
Upon days with no end
Make peace with presence
The Universe is a friend
And will reflect back
What you’ve yet to know
The pain is a burden
So just let it go
And be bourne by life
As it holds you up
The one in the all
The essence of love

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