Te Quiero

I want you, I interrupt
As you're living in your hut
Are you free, I cry
But you would never live the lie
And I sigh
Would you just come home
I've lived these centuries all alone
But you are on your weary way
And I don't recognise the day
When the sun comes bursting o'er the hills
Beyond our respective play of wills 
Oh, you remind me of Robin Wright
And I the sleeves you wear so tight
Would you just hold my hand
Don't you know the snow is grand 
That it can't be all summer and spring
It's autumn when the birds take wing 
As I stare at the horizon
You blaze a rebel diamond
Would you share your heart so fine
Like you spoke to me on the landline
I know it's over
But you're a wish and I'm a four leafed clover
Like grass so green
And all the things I haven't been
But he smiles and shakes his head
I've made my choice, it's you instead
But I decry
All these years on the fly
How would you know
That you had the strength to grow
If I was there 
It's not as if I didn't care
It's just that you
Had lots of other things to do
And I right here
Find yourself, you'll find me, dear

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