Where Your Book Begins

Feeling the rain on my skin 
There's no one but me to let it in
And I can fight with all the times I've let it go
Or I can just be me, you know
And I'm not the forest if I'm not the trees
I'm hardly the wind if I can't be the breeze
I'm not the mountain if I'm not the stone 
And I can't be together if I'm not alone 
As I grow to see the oceans in soul 
Held in the current as the waves roll
And the bridge that we build over the river
Is just a way that we can deliver 
Ourselves from the rushing water 
And time may seem to have caught her
But she's still running free, she's still running wild
My hair coming loose like I've something to find
But I'm home in this place that I call my own 
I walk my own boots but they're unknown 
And each note that I play on my earphone 
Only serves to announce that it has shown 

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