Standing outside to wordlessly contemplate the sky
I'm staring into infinity and I don't know why
As the diamonds of a different hue
Proclaim the depths of me and you 
And sparkle as though they were there for our making
Each breath that I breathe marks the ones they are taking
As their light shines on, years past the date
And it's only at night you can enter that state
In the manifold vast expanse
They're not the only ones who dance
As taken by their vibrant tones
I'm soaring in my own earphones
To follow the beat of another tune
And I'm fine just in my room 
As the Cosmos watches on 
And it won't be too long
Til morning kisses the darkest night 
And wipes away the distant ignite
To take the hand of the sun 
Look up and see that you're the One

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