One or the Other

Just let me go or then come back to me
Don’t leave me waiting in the wind
He looks up with a smile
And says don’t you know and grinned
And I persisted with my frown
I kept on using words
But they’re only empty air
And away with the birds
And he is forest deep
And he is oceans wide
He’s what it’s like to find stillness
When you look deep inside
And he aches an eon
In infinitesimal dance
And he urges me
To go on, take a chance
And I can’t forgive the weather
When it’s pelting on me in waves
And I can’t believe the hero
When it is me who saves
Coz eternal is the plan
And forever is the ride
If he would commit
I’d let him deep inside
To where the rocks go rumbling
And the tigers growl
And I am like a solitary
Wolf on the prowl
But anyway enough of that
The point is not today
And if he were what he says he is
He wouldn’t go away
But stand by my side
Confident and proud
Do I dare to say the words
My voice shakes them out loud
As I pronounce
Every tone and every ear
And God damn it, you know,
It’s been another year
And we’re both getting older
And less likely to stray
He kisses me in the morning
To wake up my day
Then sidles out of bed
Up and down the hall
And I remember when
We were wall to wall
Not this open expanse
Of empty grassy fields
When the wind blows through the wheat
It’s then the stalks do yield
And give way to the flow
Of life that’s pouring through
And I guess that we’re okay
I haven’t given up on you
Like you thought I would
And like you said I did
When the waters receded
And I went and hid
But would you just take my hand
And promise me the sky
Like I am a bird
With the wings to fly
With freedom in my bones
And laughter in my hair
I utter your name
Like an answered prayer
And insist upon your eyes
And the way they meet mine
And if we were together
Then we’d both be fine
Instead of hopping on one foot
Looking for a reason
It’s turning autumn now
And I guess it is the season
To repair all the faults
In the cabin that we own
Look at all the flowers
And the leaves, how they have grown
Til we meet by the sidelines
We have run along
A perfect parallel
That could not be wrong
As you take me by the hand
And go down on one knee
But we’re already married
Coz it’s our destiny
To be one and whole
In a union, perfect peace
You look me in the eye
And the storm will cease
The noise will go quiet
And settle in a calm
And we will realise
We’re both resting in God’s palm

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