Faith in you is brimming full
Soul nothing this world could cull
All the angry raucous stares
Won’t buy or sell your lovely wares
You are worth your weight in gold
Don’t settle prices you are sold
They pass you by, eyes skim over
Like feet upon a four leafed clover
Know this once, for all of time
You are precious in my eyes
I see the way you set alight
Burning stars in blue twilight

I had a head that needed rest
You put your shoulder to the test
Carried weight that I was bearing
Held my hand while I was staring
Stood up straight to be stone strong
Caught me when my feet went wrong
Set me up and set me back
Then looked at me as though you lack
I don’t faze or bother you
The foot is in the other shoe
You lean against me for support
Our eyes flash with our back and forth

I don’t know what to say tonight
Except I’m glad you’re in my life
We met once on shores of heaven
Grey is the colour of eleven

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