Brand New Shoes

The ocean is searing inside my soul 
And all the waves do is roll
And soar as loud as a furnace roar
Do you think anyone could show us the door
As I try on brand new shoes
Do everything but pay my dues
And is everyone just looking for news
Down in the doldrums that it eschews
And do I move with the wave I quake
I do it all for everyone's sake
Make sure my hands do not shake
And be the storm to just wake
And do the eaves run down the shore
I couldn't have wished for anything more
As I walk on every floor
I know there's a reason but I don't know what for

Te Quiero

I want you, I interrupt
As you're living in your hut
Are you free, I cry
But you would never live the lie
And I sigh
Would you just come home
I've lived these centuries all alone
But you are on your weary way
And I don't recognise the day
When the sun comes bursting o'er the hills
Beyond our respective play of wills 
Oh, you remind me of Robin Wright
And I the sleeves you wear so tight
Would you just hold my hand
Don't you know the snow is grand 
That it can't be all summer and spring
It's autumn when the birds take wing 
As I stare at the horizon
You blaze a rebel diamond
Would you share your heart so fine
Like you spoke to me on the landline
I know it's over
But you're a wish and I'm a four leafed clover
Like grass so green
And all the things I haven't been
But he smiles and shakes his head
I've made my choice, it's you instead
But I decry
All these years on the fly
How would you know
That you had the strength to grow
If I was there 
It's not as if I didn't care
It's just that you
Had lots of other things to do
And I right here
Find yourself, you'll find me, dear

Read Receipts

Your smile sparkles diamonds
Against the windowpane
And I wonder has all my
Searching been in vain
As I catch each apple 
That falls from the tree
Pondering the ways 
Of gravity
It's Newton's Laws
But bending space time
Like the equations
Of Einstein
And I move like the ocean 
And you just soar
Like a meteor shower
To adore
As you come in waves
To lap the shore
I hope you know
That I wanted more
But settle for less
Or just what I have
The moment is now
And all the feeling bad
Has left with a glance
At your heavenly face
You're not a dream
I have to chase
But follow round
To its conclusion
And you were there
In my confusion 
As I sense a space
In between the lines
And you are like forests
But ten thousand times
You're like the beauty
I don't get to touch 
I hope you know
I love you so much 

Separate Spheres

There are a hundred love stories
Waiting to be told
And the ways are ancient 
And the waves be bold
Cause the fire ignite
In ancient hue
And I am 
Still dreaming of you 
Though it has been eons
And millions of years
As we spell them out
In separate spheres

Now is the Time

Don't wait on tomorrow to be what you are 
Don't wait on the journey to take you that far
Can you be just in your own boots
Like a tree in the ground with deeper roots 
To hold it secure, firm in the soil 
Not subject to wind or any kind of toil
As the leaves they move and the breeze it sways
And you're gonna be grown one of these days 
To stand firm and stand true in beauty you own
The bird on its perch before it has flown
Away to the openness of sky
You are serene and I don't know why 
In the stillness you stand, in foliage green
The forest is the best thing I've ever seen 

Where Your Book Begins

Feeling the rain on my skin 
There's no one but me to let it in
And I can fight with all the times I've let it go
Or I can just be me, you know
And I'm not the forest if I'm not the trees
I'm hardly the wind if I can't be the breeze
I'm not the mountain if I'm not the stone 
And I can't be together if I'm not alone 
As I grow to see the oceans in soul 
Held in the current as the waves roll
And the bridge that we build over the river
Is just a way that we can deliver 
Ourselves from the rushing water 
And time may seem to have caught her
But she's still running free, she's still running wild
My hair coming loose like I've something to find
But I'm home in this place that I call my own 
I walk my own boots but they're unknown 
And each note that I play on my earphone 
Only serves to announce that it has shown 

Mementos to Myself

It seems I thought ahead and left a trail
Of breadcrumbs that will not fail
To lead me out of this forest dense 
A synonym for the word tense
As I creak in all my weight
Getting lost in the egoic state
As time passes and ages move
And I lose my point to prove
And go on fighting with the wind
Is to resist to say you've sinned
To miss the mark like an archer's take
There is love I won't forsake
But hold in my heart so deep
It is a promise that I keep 
To always have and always hold 
The ground is there when your cards fold 


Are we a species in transition
And could we get the early edition 
To catch what is in the air
Tomorrow before it’s there 

Because we’re all sinking
But we’re all rising 
The rapid pace
Of change we’re finding

Has us in its furrowed grasp
And it’s all I can do to ask 
What is my place right now
Is there something to allow

And to hold 
In arms of love
I’m waiting on 
The white dove

The Darkness

The darkness seems to move in waves
As we're all hiding in our caves
Wiping out so we won't begin
To let the light shine it's way in 
And I'm dancing in my room at night
Because there is simply something inside
That sings to me in the depth of doom
With speed to go sonic boom
And I'm sure, nay, I'm certain
Of the light behind the curtain 
As I sense the warmth of sun
In an ocean of the One 


Standing outside to wordlessly contemplate the sky
I'm staring into infinity and I don't know why
As the diamonds of a different hue
Proclaim the depths of me and you 
And sparkle as though they were there for our making
Each breath that I breathe marks the ones they are taking
As their light shines on, years past the date
And it's only at night you can enter that state
In the manifold vast expanse
They're not the only ones who dance
As taken by their vibrant tones
I'm soaring in my own earphones
To follow the beat of another tune
And I'm fine just in my room 
As the Cosmos watches on 
And it won't be too long
Til morning kisses the darkest night 
And wipes away the distant ignite
To take the hand of the sun 
Look up and see that you're the One


The suffering can either harden you 
Or make you warm 
That is my take
On the storm 
Of breeze as it's blowing through
What is at the heart of you? 
Do leaves rustle through the grass
When you don't get what you ask 
But offer up to the sky 
That you don't know the reason why 
And find the answer in the pause
There is no effect to cause


The vastness of the ocean
The depth of the sea
The wealth of wisdom 
Coming back to me
And it moves with the sky
As I open my palms
To the rain that seems
To come with calms
As the sky is thunder
But a blanket of warm
And the lightning cracks
To let you know there's a storm 
But I can feel
The peace in my own boots
As the grass is drinking
And the ground growing shoots
That will one day be tall
As a sycamore tree
Does the sun shine
Just for me 
Or do I exist
Just to see the sun
Whatever way you look at it
We are One 

The Path

I will walk the path you weave
As it's written on your sleeve
To announce and herald true 
The God of Love that issues from you 

And I will dance to every tune 
Even if it's just in my room 
As the beat makes a flow
And there is nothing that I know 

But love for thee
As it's held eternally 
In the moment you call Now
I walk in the field I plough 

To be the stars in the night sky
They shine and I don't know why 
But consent to walk with only love
To point the way from the above 

As celestial moves my bones
Away from the old tomes
Into a new bidden sphere
The present moment is always here

And holds each breath anew
It is living me and you 
It is counting every beat
And every step that your feet

Take to be brave and bold
The story is, as yet, untold
But see through the manifold reason
Everything is but a season

Written on the canvas white
The movie screen doesn't fight
But lets the play go on awhile
With a quiet silent smile 

And if you dare to quest anew
Know that the answer is always you
In the seafaring ways you go
Look within and know

That where you are is where you'll be
And you are already free
To be the wings of destiny
Open up your eyes to see

And let it go and let it fly
There is no reason why
But the one you find within
Give it leave to begin

And you will find a new route
That is no way but the Truth
In it's own refrain 
Standing outside in the rain

Singing love without pain 
I want to hear that song again
So trust once more in what is there
It is every answered prayer

The Stars in the Night Sky

Do you see how the stars shine
Even in the night sky 
And in fact 
The only reason why 
You can see them at all
Is that the sun can't come to call
And do you wonder
Do you glance
The way they twinkle 
It's like a dance
As the vast open space
Of silent emptiness you face
Is but the reverie 
Of within to always be
A new dawn to catch the light
Everything will be alright 
And I know it don't make sense to say
But I sense that it will be okay
As the revolutions make the sky
Appear different to the eye
The heavens in the clouds to bask 
It's everything that it will ask 
But give only all you've got
I know it isn't a lot 
But here to know and here to fold
You must be brave, you must be bold
And hear the call as it issues forth
I'm just speculating on the porch
As I stare into the infinite 
Everything will be alright 

The Impulse to Awaken

The impulse to awaken
And I am stirred, not shaken
As I testify to the divine
It was a moment that was mine
When it struck me from above
It was a new kind of love
Redemption in a hue 
And it loves all of you 
As if you were its very own 
The colours in depth are shown 
To only hold the way you've grown
Like a tree to the sun
It is the many as the One
It is the forest on the breeze
There's nothing that you have to need
But trust alone as it unfolds
To be brave and be bold 
And be ancient as the times
It is beautiful as it shines
In light to refract
And you can't go back 
But step anew into the dawn 
The darkness of the night is gone


Stepping out of my skin
And back within
Back out of the structure I made
Away from being the mind's slave
As awareness finds new waves to me
And I'm new feet in the same old shoes
To go on walking down the street
Or along the beach where the waters meet
The sand as it crumbles under toes 
Life's a mess but shur that's the way it goes
As everyone's got it down to a fine art
But don't you know time will rip it apart
So build your foundation out of a solid hue
Not just with having something to do 
Like building your house on a rock so true
I bet because it's me and you 

Okay, Deal

Okay, deal 
I'll give you leave to feel
Whatever you want for me
Ok, thanks, he says, at least I'm free
And mind you take that liberty
To be the script that's written to be 
Anyhow, I ask 
Do you grasp
The weight of what you suggest
I never planned to be the one next 
But your eyes just gaze
And I just save
Time for a moment with you
And I could never pay my due 
But I let on a little of the colossal inside
I don't know why I had to hide
The truth from your eyes 
I'm building bricks into walls with tries
But he just shrugs
I'm not missing any hugs
But I spy a design in the corner of his grasp 
Would you be everything I ask 
And desperation is a subtle thing 
Do you think you'd wear the ring 
That I would present to you 
If only I knew what to do 
Oh, exasperation
Why are you never at the train station 
I keep waiting for your arrival 
But you're more concerned with the bridle
That you wear to lug the cart
What is really in your heart
You wish to know? 
Why did you go, he exorts
And I am vague and out of sorts
I didn't leave you as such 
It's just I sort of felt too much
And felt a faint coming on
I know the excuse won't go wrong
Quiet for a moment, he subsides
And I just silently abide
In a moment that is ours
His glance moves to the flowers
In the secret garden behind the wall
Man, why'd you have to be so tall? 
But he retains the open stare 
I never knew that you were there
Okay I give you leave to see
There are simply oceans of me 
And down on one knee
Is just one day of history 
He barely knows how to reply
I have touched that which does not die
Now it's everything that I spy
Entirely beyond the lie
Humans content to believe
Keep crying on another's sleeve
Enough for you?
He smiles and says
I choose you


You were simply so good to me 
Don't think I forget
And the remnants of your kindness
Stay with me yet
And were we meant to be
I'm not sure
But you've got a heart
That is wellspring pure
You've got eyes
That show your depth
And I read souls
Yes, I'm an adept 
And where are you now
I guess I won't know 
I'm not clicking buttons
To follow the snow
But you were the winter 
Of 2010
And I remember it 
All over again 
Like how you
Talked about Cian 
But you're the only
One that I'm seeing 
And you caught my attention
With the laugh that you have
I'm sorry if I left 
You any kind of sad
And I just want you to know
I never wanted to be
Anything other 
Than what you see 
And you shine
From your core so deep 
There's a penny from Liverpool
That I keep 
Somewhere in a box
Secreted away 
I didn't have 
The strength to say 
That I'm unsure of the years 
Or unsure of the time 
But it is crushing 
That you're not mine
With your pink t-shirt
And your athlete arms
The strength of your will 
To keep me from harm 
As I chased you down
Then ran away 
I guess what I'm doing 
Is wanting to say 
That your eyes are tremendous
And I can't keep my own 
From the pathways they
Always seem to be going 
Would you just 
Love me forever
And forsake the rest
Oh, what an endeavour!
And, by my word, 
I see the light 
That is springing 
From your heart so bright 
And I don't know if I 
Would measure up 
I just want you to know
You're epic, my love
And my dreams go walking 
Down the old path
I know it's been time
But what are you at? 
Do you still make the team 
Or go chasing down birds 
I'm not sure you meant
Those kind of words
But would you be my friend
It's more than it seems
You're true and you're honest
You're my cool beans 

Sending My Love Letters

In love with the stars
As they paint my life 
Do you think that Jupiter
Knows me tonight 
And does the weight of the sky 
Move my old bones
Sinking in 
Like pebbles and stones
As stratospheric
Revolves the Earth 
A spin that we're in 
As millennia skirt 
The days that we're breathing 
In forests, in air
Does God see the candle
When you light a prayer
And beautiful and deep 
Are the oceans serene
On the planet that is
Both water and green
And age old and honest 
Are the lives that we live
There's nothing that creation
Doesn't know how to give
As the Universe holds us
In its warm embrace
I'm full of the dreams
That I long to chase
But I just stay still 
And drink in the sky
Look how love shines
And I don't know why
As it holds everything 
From up on high
Does the Cosmos believe
I think I'll say aye!
I think I'll say yes
I think I'll agree
With the will of Almighty
The Divine Decree
Some call it fate
Some call it destiny 
I just call it Truth 
And let it rest on me 
As the seasons are changing 
But it only seems so 
From the hemisphere
That you know 
Because it all is One
We're all united
And it's been years
Since the sun was ignited
To burn as a sphere 
Of light to chlorophyll
We drink in the life 
It gives us to fill 
Up our glasses 
With our share of heat
I bow my head down 
At Holy Feet 
As the wind gives leave
To blow in a new breeze
And I am amazed 
At the heart that it frees
To worship and kneel 
To praise and adore 
I love what I'm given 
But I don't know what for   

A Helpful Observer

Will you marry me?
Is the love you give free?
Oh, the two of you!
What in the world am I going to do? 
She shines like a diamond, new and serene
He looks like he's been plucked out of somebody's dream 
And they both  run around with their heads in the sky
The Heavens only know the reason why

She's always been there for me, she's a friend
He's bequeathed with a beauty I can't comprehend
And she is a star of her own making 
I breathe every breath to match the one she's taking 
He owns every pavement he's sure to walk
She worries what I say is all talk
And we both are two branches that meet in the middle
The answer is found in the midst of the riddle 

But there from the cheap seats the two of us dance
It seems like fate gives us every chance
To be the pair from on high 
See you later is not goodbye
But he is mercurial and hard to predict
She's a free spirit and will not commit
Unless it's been divinely ordained 
But one look at her face and you'll see it is pained

By all of her half hearted sashay away 
He'll be the one to save the day
If I could only catch a glimpse of his eyes and his lashes
I'd know the truth before the plate smashes 
How can I measure the clock 
With all that I've been and all that I'm not
Is success all you're after? 
I never had you but for the laughter

And he's so irritating, he infuriates!
But would you go on a sequence of dates
With him if he asked you to 
Does he have your approval too? 
And she smiles and nods and then rolls her eyes
And he is the stormy in all my skies
Could I be there hero in his
There's no way of knowing exactly what this is

But I wait at the break of every wave 
To see if I could be the one who he gave
His heart and his hand unto
I know I'm a dreamer but I want to 
Let you know in serious regard 
I cherish you throughout the time in the yard
And run into your arms whenever they open
Though it's been a decade or more I am hoping 

That you'll forget the passage of time 
And give in to accept the love that is mine
And is it all just something I dreamed in my mind
Will you forgive me for what I left behind
He stares at me with eyes of depth
And I know I'll never forget
The feel of their stare on me 
Could I love our liberty? 

If it means you're miles away
With someone else to star your day 
Or maybe not or maybe true 
I've stopped running after you
But still I feel the emptiness inside 
And I know I cannot hide
It for very much longer
Do you wish that I was stronger? 

Or weaker if resolve is will? 
I don't think I have the skill
To keep it from you anymore
I'm on the other side of the door
In anticipation of the knock 
To enunciate what I am not 
And what I am I'll never know
I just want to say I love you so 


I want to exclaim
In proud declaration
The love that I bear
For all of creation
And each time I look
Unto the grass
I see the essence
That is everlast
And also the trees
As they sway in the breeze
They seem to proclaim
What it all is
And each pair of eyes
Look out of the sky
There’s something inside
That will never die
That is beyond
The presence of hurt
Beyond wisdom
Beyond self worth
And is reflecting
In waters of glass
Mirrors of oceans
That don’t see the past
So trust as you wish
Have faith and believe
But there’s more than you see
So do not grieve

One or the Other

Just let me go or then come back to me
Don’t leave me waiting in the wind
He looks up with a smile
And says don’t you know and grinned
And I persisted with my frown
I kept on using words
But they’re only empty air
And away with the birds
And he is forest deep
And he is oceans wide
He’s what it’s like to find stillness
When you look deep inside
And he aches an eon
In infinitesimal dance
And he urges me
To go on, take a chance
And I can’t forgive the weather
When it’s pelting on me in waves
And I can’t believe the hero
When it is me who saves
Coz eternal is the plan
And forever is the ride
If he would commit
I’d let him deep inside
To where the rocks go rumbling
And the tigers growl
And I am like a solitary
Wolf on the prowl
But anyway enough of that
The point is not today
And if he were what he says he is
He wouldn’t go away
But stand by my side
Confident and proud
Do I dare to say the words
My voice shakes them out loud
As I pronounce
Every tone and every ear
And God damn it, you know,
It’s been another year
And we’re both getting older
And less likely to stray
He kisses me in the morning
To wake up my day
Then sidles out of bed
Up and down the hall
And I remember when
We were wall to wall
Not this open expanse
Of empty grassy fields
When the wind blows through the wheat
It’s then the stalks do yield
And give way to the flow
Of life that’s pouring through
And I guess that we’re okay
I haven’t given up on you
Like you thought I would
And like you said I did
When the waters receded
And I went and hid
But would you just take my hand
And promise me the sky
Like I am a bird
With the wings to fly
With freedom in my bones
And laughter in my hair
I utter your name
Like an answered prayer
And insist upon your eyes
And the way they meet mine
And if we were together
Then we’d both be fine
Instead of hopping on one foot
Looking for a reason
It’s turning autumn now
And I guess it is the season
To repair all the faults
In the cabin that we own
Look at all the flowers
And the leaves, how they have grown
Til we meet by the sidelines
We have run along
A perfect parallel
That could not be wrong
As you take me by the hand
And go down on one knee
But we’re already married
Coz it’s our destiny
To be one and whole
In a union, perfect peace
You look me in the eye
And the storm will cease
The noise will go quiet
And settle in a calm
And we will realise
We’re both resting in God’s palm

Along Came Stephen

It was years
Since I stopped believing
I opened the door
And along came Stephen 
He reminded me 
With his casual eyes
That even a stranger
Can see through disguise
And all of the advances 
I couldn't stop making 
Were held in suspense
With the breath I was taking 
And it was ancient
Yes it was old
But this was a story
That's never been told
That's always been waiting
In the wings
I know it's a bird
Because, my Lord, it sings
And reverberates
Without any doubt
Can I trust the words
That pour from my mouth
And herald a new dawn 
One that's bursting forth
And the river is free
Though it runs its course
And brings it back 
To rain in the sky 
I wonder do you
Know it's a lie
When I look away 
From your brief glance
It was heaven
It was happenstance
It was a moment
And it was soul 
He blinked his eyes
And the waves roll 


Do I set diagrams spiraling out into the wind
And is to be alive to say I have sinned
Coz there's all of this perfect I won't get to be 
I'm just clearing my eyes so I can really see
And what does the lens do to the light
It focuses it on the retina, right? 
Then the brain turns the picture the right way round
Like the way it interprets sound
And do you ever wonder about the mystery we are
How the atoms inside us are the same as a star
And we have galaxies within our soul 
It's only the body that's getting old


All my life I've been standing on the stairs
No putting on graces, I'm not putting on airs
I'm not trying to be better than I've become
I'm just opening up and letting the One
Move through me like a river to sea
I don't know where I'm going or what I'll be
All I know is I feel the pull
And the longing start to dull
As it unfolds unto a new expanse
I watch the whole world start to dance
To the music of a perfect refrain
It's being lifted out of the pain
It is being called at the edge of the circle
On the rock we call Earth as it begins to hurtle
Through the density of time-space
And you can see through the dreams that you chase
As you find yourself back in the same old place
Believe and relive the burden you face 


He's got a smile in his eyes
It's like a diamond I try on for size
As everything fits in a perfect whole
And he is speaking directly to soul
Directly to Immortal Being
There is no end to this seeing
To the avalanche of earth
That goes beyond the ways of hurt
That goes beyond the depths of feeling
It's shattering the glass ceiling 
That keeps us all beneath the sky
He whispers truths and I don't know why
But they call to something deep within
It goes beyond the realm of sin
Beyond the doubt of discourse
Love is an insurmountable force
And knows no bounds and knows no end
It's everything that it will mend
So that we all face the sun
If you're looking for it, well you're the One


The rain pours on me
It's like a deluge
As I find a place
Where I can take refuge
Where I can be safe
And I can be serene
Not always threatened
By what I dream 
And I love always
And I love long
And I want love to be
The heart of my song
As I play it for you
The whole of creation
It's a little bit sad
But filled with elation
Filled with the expanse
Of the whole Universe
Though my sorrow has made me
A little bit terse
But I give it the full 
Of all that I've got
And you must know
I love you a lot
With all that I am 
With all I'll ever be
I let the chains go
And find I am free


I love so much
I feel I will burst
This feeling courses
Through the very worst

Through all of the liking
And ticking the box
I find I am open
Without any locks

And it just moves its own way
In a flow, in a beat
And I find I am standing 
On my own two feet

As I build on foundations
Solid as a rock
Am I okay? 
Well, is the sun hot

Just like my heart
In rhythms it's own 
I may not be adult
But I am grown


I believe in the sky
To conquer the weather
And there are ways
To see through forever
To make it one
Under the rain
Say you'll never go back
To that place again
But you find the door
Ready to be knocked
You don't try the handle
Coz you know it is locked
But you hope and have faith
Trust and believe
In the strength you
Have always found underneath
To sail your ship
Once more through the storm
You can't see the sun
But still it is warm 
And you know and you'll be
You'll love and create
Til you open your eyes
And walk out of that state
And find the dawn
That follows dusk
It doesn't take much
Just a little trust 
As you resolve and know
Revolve and be 
In all of this
Your wings are free


I'm building a home
Out of all that I've seen
And there are ways
To wake from the dream 

To give up the long fight
With yourself and the sky
We move and we walk
But we never know why

And life, it is changing
But it's always the same
You were born on this Earth
Without a name

To grow and to learn
To thrive and to be
Always yourself
Quintessentially free

My Share of the Deal

Am I misunderstood
There was a time
They all thought I was good
And had trophies lined up
For me to wear
I stand up 
And the fabric tear
Til I'm reeling in dreams
Colossal and huge
It's like I asked for rain
And there came a deluge
To bucket down
On top of me
But fuck it, it's 
All I got to be
And there's no point complaining
About my share of the deal 
Oceans are weather
And it's the way that I feel 
To finally come home
To who I am 
I move in life
Without a plan

Built on Love

Comparison and judgement 
Destroy the soul 
They make you 
Prematurely old
They only serve
To dim your light
Just surrender
Give up the fight
And come back
To a place called home
Know that you
Are never alone
But always supported
From the ground up
The Universe 
Is built on love


I've got a destiny
I can feel it in my bones
And it has something to do 
With saving people's homes
With finding a diagram
That will fit the screen
I have to make reality
Out of the thing I dream 
And the stories I tell 
Myself quietly at night
There has to be a way
To make the world alright
To cause and effect
And point out the tune
And I am not alone
When I'm sitting in my room
When I'm sitting by myself
To ponder life as real 
There has to be more
Than the way we cut the deal