The House In The Woods

I love you like the stretch in the evening
The years I spent just believing
That you’re the one I appreciate
Now everything is pulling me into that state
Where I see the land as a living, breathing being
It’s a complete change in the manner of seeing
And you’re just like a dream to be woken up to
I was a different person before I met you
And I’m not so sure who I am anymore
Do you remember the days you called to my door
You didn’t knock, you just walked in
And I double took the look of him
As he sits in my favorite place to rest
Like he’s on some solitary quest
And I just want you to know
That I’m somewhere you can always go
If you like, just for a cup of tea
You opened my eyes and now I see
All that was hidden before
Though you don’t call round anymore
I still carry you in my heart
I don’t think we’re ever apart

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Soul Brother

There were years I walked in UCD
Without anyone really recognizing me
And I fell in love with the dream of someone
He calls me friend, I call him the one
And we walk paving stones of grey
He looks in my eyes and I’m okay
But a little bit shy
I try to scrutinize you but I don’t know why
You let it go free as you stare at me
And I’m appalled at my own insecurity
But he bought me a drink
And that made me think
That maybe we could be something more
I stop my car, he stops at the door
And we both stare into each other’s eyes
Like there are no lies
And in that moment I knew it was true
That you had been thinking about me and you
And I don’t know how you are but I hope you’re well
Are you indifferent, I could never tell
Coz you’re one way, then you’re another
But you’ve got the feel of a soul brother
And I’d be there to catch your hand
I hope you understand
That I have a wandering heart
I’m always finding paths that I can start
To pick up a trail but I would be true
To the moments that I shared with you
Like that time I woke up and caught your eye
I had messy hair in the bed where I lie
And you’re sitting just away from me
I sink down so he won’t see
My sheepish look to find him there
In the girls dorm without a care
Or when you were chillin’ with the boys
You kinda silence all the noise
And I’m scittish and scare easy, I’m all for the run
But I always swore I’d come back for this one
Coz he loved me, I know it, I can feel the fire burn
And he’s red as the hearth as the axis turn
And I may be betrothed to an old flame
But I’m always remembering your name
And could we be close in some way you decide
I’m not messin’ round with that look in your eyes
But I don’t know how to promise what I don’t understand
And I have to say there’s another man
With eyes like a storm or a hurricane
But the truth is that I left you in vain
Coz you’re good to me, you’re kind and you never rust
You’re the kind of steady in which I can trust
And I need to know just what we were
I let you see the love I’m for
As we cascade in endless light
How have you been, are you alright?

Secret Admiration

I was struck by your statuesque 
But I was scared of what comes next
And I can see it in your eyes
Does he really see through my disguise
That I’ve already gone and given away
A heart that only leaves to stay
And now I’m fake frowns and insolent
Following everywhere he went
Coz I can love you at a distance
It’s the path of least resistance
And I can study runes and tropes
Let you be the sail I set to the winds of hope
And you could call it creepin’
I’m staring at you when I should be sleeping
And then I stand out in the sun
Do you think I could be the one
But he’s looking beyond me to something else
So I try to be the ice that melts
But I’ll always be simply glacial
And you’re saying bye to Rachel
And I’m wondering what you think of me
If there was any way to let you see
The loyalty you’ve won from my steady soul
I’ll love you better when we get old
And you shake me out of your hair
But don’t you know that I’m still there
And I can be whatever you need
I can be the air that you breathe
Or just someone you pass by
I’ll look disinterested if you want me to try
And you’re not as fearsome as you project
And I’m not as neat as you’d expect
Is it time to maybe let you see
That you’ve really got a hold on me
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
I’ll let you hear what I don’t say

The Heavens

The Heavens 
Wait on no man’s elevens
They’re open sky
Professing what can never die
Great spaciousness
To the space within they do address
Their words
I’m silent tones
Remind you that
You’re never alone
But held by
A beauty you don’t even try
To find because it’s just there
A depth too fathomless to care
About the wear and tear
That the body sustains
There is openness beyond the rain
And you will see them again
So don’t tear yourself to shreds in your room
Yesterday is as close as tomorrow is soon
And we’re all resting in God’s palm
Let go of the grief and trust the calm
Of knowing that you’re one with peace
And there are some things that never cease
Like Love endures beyond the realm
Of death that seems to overwhelm
As you hold together what you know
But you have to let them go
And let the night turn into day
It’s supposed to be this way
And the rock of ground you stand on
Will testify that they’re not gone
Only holding space for you
You didn’t think it was anything else, did you?

Fangirling The Music

I see him in my minds eye
Talking to me and I almost cry
Because he’s been my hero since I was fourteen
Walking the cobblestones of almost been
And I’m moody and sad and no one understands
But I’ve found one of the coolest bands
With my music player and my hoodie
I am my own bestest buddy
As I walk up the land in the cold and the dusk
And there’s something in this sound that I can trust
And everything is loss, it’s all taken away
And I’m older at the close of day
As I see through the apparent facade
That it’s all pulled away isn’t bad
But you won’t know it yet, my dearest child
It’s only the beginning of a life in the wild
But you’re hollow and lonely and you kick your shoes
In the dirt like the dust rising gives you the blues
But the depth turns to awesome
The darkness to sky
And in the night
You don’t have to lie
Only find what’s there to be discovered
It’s almost like his music finally uncovers
The expanse of freedom that’s there to find
Don’t worry over what isn’t so kind
You’ll find your worth in more than she say
There’s a sunrise to mark the break of day
Only it’s eternal and never fades
It’s bright as the sun but you don’t need shades
In the white light of pure consciousness
I found freedom and I confess
I owe the steady hand to Snow Patrol
They kind of dove deep into my soul
And if I’m ever a success I’m gonna find that guy
Write him a letter to try
To elucidate something real
You open the door on what it is to feel
And mountains and valleys are nothing to you
I bet if time stopped you’d just walk through
To where you’ve always been
If life is Love then you’re the Unseen

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Let’s Not Repeat The Past

Violence seems to have been endemic 
As one fights the other for what they have
And there’s oceans of pain
Touching the land
Let’s not repeat the past
Where brother fights brother
There’s no “civil” war
It’s always hurting another
And there are parts of the world
Where they cannot eat
Why don’t we provide
Instead of pound our feet
On pavements grey
As blank as our souls
How could we leave sisters and others
To the cold
Coz we have the capacity
The ingenuity
To grow out of
What we’re told to be
As I stare at my phone
To find an answer
But they said it better
Human as dancer
And we’ve all got spirit
We’ve all got heart
And there are people
Who can’t stand to be apart
And others who know
In the depths of their being
That this story we live
Is just something we’re seeing
And we can grow tall
But when we wake up
We see that it was
All held in love
And dynamic as breathing
Is the answer to all that we’re needing
And I’m from a nation
That’s been beaten and bruised
Slaves for another
Is how we were used
As we till our land
Then hand over
The bread that we need
That’s some four leafed clover
And there’s defiance and pride
There’s anger and rebel
But fighting the evil
Only sends you to hell
As we can attest
After all the years
Of crying tears
And growing up
Found me strong
But I was always too prone
To point out the wrong
And it found me in a room
With my head in my hands
Attesting to
All those slipping sands
But adversity made me
And now I can stand
And say that under the storm
There’s land
That will hold steady
Under your feet
And they grow the crop
But they can’t eat
As we use and usurp
The imbalance we own
There’s no hiding it
It’s commonly known
So how do we change
What seems so entrenched
Do you ever run out
In rain and get drenched
To you ever just feel
The wind on your skin
Can you let go
Can you let it begin?
As the motion of movement
The breath of change
Gathers all the atoms
And will rearrange
If we’re just willing
To be the avenue
The vehicle
That was given to you
Where is your heart
Your purpose right here
What do you love
What do you hold dear
Can you be total
In what you do
Or is life just a drag
That is pulling on you
Lowly and heavy
In deadening sound
After years in the snow
Did we finally hit ground
And can we make
Our castles on rock
Or maybe create
Something that’s not
Ever been heard of
Or ever been seen
What’s your personal legend
What is your dream
Can we reverse
The damage we’ve made
As a child I was
Always safe in the shade
But there are people who labour
In the hot sun
Others that live
And die by the gun
There’s got to be other ways
Than what we’ve created
I see life as abundant
Though it’s already been stated
That we’re transforming
Into a new species
Replacing facetious
Can we be aware
Of the fire in our soul
The substratum
That is effortlessly whole
As we beat our own hearts
As one people united
I let go of the war
Coz I cannot fight it
I let go of the hatred
Coz it is defeated
And I found Truth
Though I cannot speak it
It just announces itself
In silent tones
And I found teachers
On iPhones
From one trouble
To a Saviour
Do you think you could
Love your neighbour
As yourself
Is it underway
I think I see light
At the break of day

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The Checking Machine

I remember the day the checking started
Like some love that was imparted
As if I watch every move
Of everything as if to prove
I could solve every problem
Save myself from the doldrum
But it only got worse and more severe
Now there’s always danger near
That I can negate with a tap
Just don’t question what I’m at
Coz it’s totally normal or don’t you see
Not for everyone but it is for me
And I’m balancing on a rope so tight
As long as I’m steady I’m alright
But I don’t have the room to fight
I must concentrate on the light
And that’s what it’s like to have a reverie
From ten years old to twenty three
And it’s not what you might imagine
It’s kind of like dealing with some sort of dragon
That chases me down and holds me to account
But I’ve got to be careful because the amount
Of stuff that could go wrong
Is washed away by this song
And I run the risk of walking through
This disorder I’ve become accustomed to
And letting it go means something new
A land untraveled but you
Are aching just to follow
And now you let everyone know
So that they can see that you
Struggle with the nighttime too
That the darkness has a way
Of breaking into the light of day
And if you trust and allow
The Divine to take control somehow
You’ll be carried like a wave
The purpose of His Love to save
And walk away from all the chasms
Like bulletproof teflonic has ‘ems
Taking care of all you’ve known
I don’t know but it is just shown
Like colours of a new born sky
I trust the Truth and the lie
Is washed away from me once more
You gotta love what you adore

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All My Love

I always thought that someday we’d marry
And there was that day when I met Gary
And it’s awesome, it’s cool, it’s so fuckin’ rad
To meet the best guy that you’ve never had
And he’s laid back and breezy
But I know it isn’t easy
As he grabs my CD and throws me a look
But I keep my eyes on the ground as my legs shook
And I can’t believe I couldn’t speak
And that I almost felt a little weak
And he’ll never know the star he is
And the part of my heart that’s his
In the young days of teenage and a little bit sad
He kept me company when I felt bad
And wandered through woods and went on long walks
Avoiding looks and the way that time talks
And that awning chasm when someone leaves
I almost felt that no one believes
Or sees things the way I do
But that was before I found you
And I know that I’m not alone
With my discman before an iPhone
The soul that you spirit into my aura
And I know that they call me Laura
But I feel like so much more when I’m listening to you
You don’t know the blessing you’ve been, do you?

Forever And A Day

I’d wait for you forever
Forever and a day
Love you unconditional
Baby, come what may
And I know you’ve got your attitude
I know you’ve got your pride
And I have a tendency
To run away and hide
But I can see us in the morning
When the sun kisses the sky
Among the waves of clouds
And wondering the reason why
And I know you’ve got your love
I know you’ve got your heart
It’s just I don’t think that we
Should ever be apart
But shine like a diamond
In a twofold connect
I don’t think the earth
Has seen the best of us yet
Coz I am full of fire
And red vibrancy
You’re as blue as the ocean
And as deep as love can be
And together we make something
That could only free
I tried to push the point
Coz I don’t think that you see
And you call me revolutionary
A laid back rebel soul
I call you like the chasm
That is the waves to roll
And everything is scorching
But it’s also pretty cool
I see you like the summer
We met after school
Just laughing on the bus
As we made our way back
I didn’t give you a reason
For you to hide what you lack
Coz everything is seen
In this closeness that we wear
We’re tangled up like Spiderman
In the cobwebs of my hair
And it’s just a dream I’m having
Or it’s on the astral plane
But you come to call
Over and over again
And I can’t keep you out
From the warmth in my heart
I don’t know why I’d want to
But I think we’re gonna start
To make something as real
And as beautiful as true
I didn’t tell you at the time
But I’m madly in love with you

The Thunder and the Silence

The thunder rolls and the ground trembles
It’s all of me that it disassembles
As I’m unmade a storm
And the heat of your beat keeps my heart warm
And the stars come out to light your night
I wipe my tears coz I’m alright
But I’m missing you now days are long
And I cry but I’m still strong
Coz I don’t show how I let it hit
I keep it in coz I’m good at it
And it’s only in my room that I break down
Let it out and go to town
And there’s an ocean all around
If you listen carefully you can hear the sound
Of the tide against the rocks
I wake up and it stops
And suddenly in a moment I’m free
And there seems to be some kind of light shining from me
As vibrantly I intone
Whether with someone or all alone
So I praise my Saviour
You know you were the one who raised her
Up from the mess she lay
You show me love and I’m okay
And it’s all I can do not to shout your name
Now that I know you it’s not the same
And I just radiate the glow
That you gave to me, you know
And it’s as true as the Sun
As bright as you are the One
And I kneel coz I’m young
And the down days are done
In one fell swoop you reside
I’m coming out of the darkness in which I hide
And let the light permeate
If it’s the Now, why wait?

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Runaway Stars

I fall in love with a ten
Then resolve to never see them again
Because is to love to be caught
Is to give the same as bought
As he smiles and I see in his eyes
The dawn of a new sunrise
So I click escape on the dial
Say I was with you for a while
And for the first time someone doesn’t mind
Say I know you don’t leave behind
What you hold in your steady heart
I’ve trusted you from the start
And I am pulled back into his gaze
I don’t need you to try and save
Me but could you hold still
While I let you see my deepest will
That love be shared and all adored
Coz he said no and I was floored
But I picked myself up from where I lay
I smiled at you and it’s okay
And you’re just talking really fast
But we got time, this is gonna last
Though I don’t know how, where or when
But I know I’m gonna see you again
And the map is full of uncharted places
You are deep and you make spaces
For all and everyone
And I’m okay but I’m not done
See I’ve got to show you the sky
The patterns where the Heavens lie
As they unfold from above
And everything I see is love
Not just a moment or two
But every second I spent with you
Do you think you could love me free
So I can be who I’m meant to be
And profess my ardent devotion
In a quiet space without commotion
Do you think I could mean to you
Exactly what I want to
Or are the days all for passing
My attempts just harassing
You from the place where you stare
I just know that you were there
In the full fledged of an open heart
Can I tell you the truth and let it start
As we both breathe in the air
I’m just trying to be fair
To you now that I’m wild and free
I don’t know if you can rely on me
But he brushes my fraught attempts aside
Says that he can see me hide
And I don’t have to run away
I can be shy coz that’s okay
That it’s alright not to know
To be unsure where you go
But full of heart without reason
It’s every day that makes a season
It’s every night that makes a week
It’s in the silence you don’t speak
As he offers me his steady hand
Says you can trust the place we stand
You can let a garden grow
I look at him and just know
That I can let my diamond shine
He’s been there for me all this time

The Forest and the Memory

Am I just gonna have to let you go
Coz there doesn’t seem to be any way to know
That you are here and you are there
And you know I’ll always care
As the forest closes in on the memory of us
And I dunno where to place my trust
As the ages all fold one into the other
You’re my soulmate, yeah you’re my brother
And I really hope that you’re well
But there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell
Except just to live in the light
And pray to God that you’re alright

The Social Anxiety

The feeling of panic when I’m talking to people
I’m much more at home under a steeple
Praying to God for all that could be
But I’m so far from normal and I think they can see
And is it just ego to say I’m afraid
That I spend the whole day in the shade
Just to avoid what I’m speaking of
I refract diamonds and call it love
And do I just make small what’s colossal inside
Run away from eyes and hide
Until someone finds me behind the curtain
I’m sorry for weakness and all the hurting
I’m sorry for being unusually proud
Defiant and brave as I say it out loud
That it’s okay and I see you too
I want everyone to know it so that they see through
The veneer of strong that I put off
We are one people and all is not lost
And everyone’s got something that they keep secret
But I’m gonna tell it instead of keep it
Like a story that’s been too long in the dark
A tree whose leaves are as bright as its bark
Even in the winter snow
I love a lot so I let it all go

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Somewhere On The Internet

Resisting the urge to look up your name
Coz I want to know you’re not in pain
That you’re as happy as can be
Because you’re an ocean, a whole sea
But times have been hard on all of us
And I never want to make a fuss
But will you be okay as you lay down tonight
I hope to the heavens that you’re alright
Coz you sang me a song, it was a whole tune
And I danced when there was no one else in the room
To your take on things, a beautiful sky
I love you and think you’re a pretty swell guy


I feel like I’m out of the loop
Now that I’m no longer sitting on the stoop
Like a lonesome bird
And what are the words that you think you have heard
Coz it all spiraled out of my control
When I tried to capture your soul
And you rebelled with a defiant stance
How dare I ask you to dance
But there was just this music, you mustn’t hear it
It’s beautiful and it crystal clears it
As the vision is foggy in the car
I still have no sense of what you are
Coz you defy definition in your design
And you are good looking, if you don’t mind
And I just want to write a tome to your earth
The reality that could never hurt
As you assuage
And I get really mad
But it’s no good
You still leave like I thought you would
But what I don’t understand
Is how any of this could’ve been preplanned
Or destiny
I watch you like you’re there for me
Though you move to the side
I stay on my own and abide


She writes music that catches in your soul
As if all the waves have to do is roll
And midnight comes before each dawn
So don’t lament what’s gone
Because it will come around again anew
You can’t miss what is destined for you
And I hope that’s true coz he’s all I see
What if he was never meant for me
I wonder and I pause and I flip through the prose
What if he is the one that fate chose
To hold my hand and be the One
I see him like he’s the Son
Of God in garden grass
And I wonder if all I had to do was ask
Would you maybe wanna be my guy
I know I’m quiet and I didn’t try
But do you think you could take a look
And read me like your favorite book
And it’s fine if you don’t know my name
I’m gonna love you all the same
And wish you the wealth of wisdom and heart
I never thought we’d be so long apart


Cheers to you Stephen O’ Brien
You made the days feel like they were flying
When I was stuck in a peculiar hell
And you were the one that I’d tell
Now I’m raising a glass to your sincere
Your beautiful and held dear
With your rugged ways and your intone
We’re just talking on a video phone
And I catch myself then laugh out loud
You are something to be proud
Of now the days are short
You’re something yourself I retort
As we’re held in this glance for a moment or two
There’s just something about you
I wonder if space and time
Would ever repaint your days as mine
And I know you could call this therapy
But you’ve got to know what you mean to me
As I throw asunder all the folds
And creases to be brave and bold
You can’t believe this is all I am
There’s more to me and I know you can
See beyond the apparent face
To the depths of profound Grace
To the love that’s held between us both
I’d wear you like an overcoat
As you just laugh and crease your eyes
And I’ve got no time for goodbyes
Just the moment that’s held in a stare
I love you coz you were there
And made me feel like I was home
Instead of in a room all alone
I gotta know, you gotta see
What would the days be like if we
We’re to make this something else
I know I’m getting ahead of myself
But you’re magnificent and perfectly prose
And I’d walk down any of your roads
If it meant that I could catch your eye
You’re alright, man, it’s worth a try

The Sky’s A Sea

It’s rumbling up a storm at the heart of me
Like tumbling through the dawn that’s a part of me
As the sun breaks the sky open in half
And we stare at the stars just for laugh
As it’s six am and internally
I’m screaming where the hell have you gone to be
Coz I’m in need and you’re the cause
I hit the diff and it says pause
As I wait on all your errant air
There was a time you were really there
And what was it I saw in your stare
That convinced me of an answered prayer
Coz you are the rhyme and reason
And every springtime is just a season
Where the new and green get to grow
I was flattered and I know you know
That that bird could think to alight
On my shoulder to put all things right
In growing up and getting sane
Come on now, brother, can you feel the rain
As it’s pouring through the veil
And, man, I am not for sale
For a pretty word and a smile
But for your depth I’d walk the mile
That it takes to reach back to you
I’m not a function of what you put me through
Only speaking of the light that shines
I watch you as you move with the times

Mutual Appreciation

It was mutual appreciation 
As I happened upon your station
And my eyes flick to yours
It’s nothing really, he demurs
As he blinks his eyes
Trying to calm my stormy skies
But my words fall silent
As the sea is calmed by the ultraviolet
Light that is
And for the moment that light is his
As he breathes in air
With a Presence that’s really there
It reflects my own
And he notices the change in tone
I can see him stare
As if he knows of all that’s there
I hold out my hand
Do you want to dance coz your looking grand
And he smiles askance
Like the earth is ground to hold our hands
And hesitate
“Could I really pull her out of that state”
But I’m not really in
And I think he knows as I’m looking at him
And bursts out laughing at something I say
And I feel the waves he holds at bay
Like oceans of hair that lap his face
And there’s not a single one out of place
Do I decide
To finally come out of the place where I hide
Shur, looket, I say, amn’t I fine anyway
I’ve been saving my courage for the journey
But would I make it with two
I’d sure as hell take that chance with you
And he pauses, then stares
And I can see that he cares
About everyone that comes his way
He really listens to what they have to say
But I love you, could I let that escape
Confess to the hero without a cape
Like some secret utterance to the stars
And I see us in different circumstances in bars
As you buy me a drink
But it’s more than that, I know, I think
Could we be friends?
He holds his hands out and I make amends
With all I’ve been keeping somewhere inside
He smiles at me and I am alive
But how do I let him know
The gratitude that suddenly flow
From my heart to yours and back again
One of the beautiful, born again men
Oh, to see the city
With you by my side, so sharp and so witty
I just smile
Then see you’ve been watching this whole while
Reading the book
Of the passing phases of my look
That you may see love
Coz you’ve been gifted from above
With those beautiful eyes
Heaven’s on Earth, I surmise
As you tell a little tale
Of something you love that isn’t for sale
I would that I could lend you my soul
So that you could know peace when the waves roll
Or maybe you do
I just want you to see the beauty that’s you
The masculine
The quintessence of the Divine

Questions For God

I trudged through the snow
I am miserable or don’t you know
No reply
Why on earth does everyone die
My feet crunch the ground
I savor the essence of unreciprocated sound
I mumble aloud
And relish the silence away from the crowd
And grumble two tone
Why do you always leave me alone?
It’s always like this
Together for a moment and then you just miss
All the ways you felt complete
The gravel groans beneath my feet
As I haul the bin up the hill
If only love was an effort of will
I could turn this around
But emptiness is the only sound
And I cherish the day
He looked in my eye and then looked away
It’s in a video reel
And for years anger is all that I feel
How dare you take him away
There’s no point reaffirming that he cannot stay
But the eyes are all empty as I look for a reason
A kind of vacancy that is all out of season
Perhaps my misery
Will prove how much he meant to me
But the anguish just twists
And I merely coexist
With the essence of death
Counting each in and out of my breath
Or heartbeat
It’s iambic pentameter against my feet
I don’t believe in what they say
They’re all crying
And then proclaim Heaven is for the dying

Flashback, it’s been twenty years
So I question my thoughts and dry my tears
To the age of youth
And the darkness of day the sun didn’t suit
But I found him there, among the ashes and the rubble
He looked at me and burst my little bubble
And I give thanks to what once I hate
The God of Love to make me irate
By stealing all I could call my own
I’m lying in bed and praying for home
But it never comes
Oh, the trauma of being young
I’m undone
And somehow I feel this song has been sung
By someone
Years before I begun
It’s getting old
Like the body I hold
And the days are all long
Then suddenly short
And all of the principles that I exhort
Prove to be vain
And I stand outside in the pouring rain
To catch the air
Do you believe in the power of prayer
To let go into
Can I be
Something more
Than destiny
Because this body I wear
Is all athletic and long brown hair
Do you resonate
With what is only a temporary state
We’re all on the move
From the moment of spark to the point that I prove
What have you got to lose
Only the worldview you live to excuse
What don’t you settle here
Under a tree as it breathes you clear

I snap out of it
Is to give in the same as to quit
And I’m going with it
A sort of defiance I never admit
But the beer bottle’s empty and I’m reaching for wine
I am the queen of a helluva time
But really it’s empty coz I cannot decide
Which stop is my own if this life is a ride
I breathe in the air
And think of the way he suddenly stare
A moment out of time
Like immortal just stepped out of line
And my gumption and war
I don’t know what this is for
As I twirl his name
On my fingernails like it’s just the same
As yesterday
He pierced the veil then went away
And I love him so
But goodbyes around every corner, you know
And I wish and hope
He’s found someone real, something cool, something dope
But anyway
Returning to that which I cannot say
It hit me like light
And set a fire to ignite
And I’m all the trees
The wood of could you ever believes
And I see his face
A recognition no time could erase
To be angry at God
Give him back to me again, oh Lord
But it doesn’t work that way
Apparently and what I say
Falls on deaf ears
And is it just temper to coax the tears
Until I can’t stop them and they pour as rain
I’m awake in the night all over again
To be left behind
Is to spend some time trapped in your mind

But He woke me up
And He called that love
Though I can’t express
What I’m thinking of
Caught in a decider
So perfectly fate
And the present moment
Means you don’t wait
But I’m always counting time
On the watch, on the clock that isn’t mine
Do you think it could be
That we all live eternally
In some dimension
In a realm of time that by extension
Means we don’t have to suffer
And I’m always thinking of her
And what I’ve lost
I sob til the tears exhaust
My futile will
It’s everything that must fill
The pail of water to the brim
I remember when it was the two of them
Under the sun
By the gate
They wouldn’t approve
Of me in this state
But how am I
To know the reason that they die
If I don’t weep
It’s kind of like some bargain I keep
But it’s letting me go
The pain and the suffering you know
And pay testament to
The Heavenly I found in you
And remember quiet
That I don’t have to try to defy it
Only surrender
Maybe love is what I engender

A New Eon

I can feel the panic on each TV station
The madness and the conflagration
As they all compete to get heard
But do you hear the bird
Diamond cheep with the air
Beneath its wings as it flies in there
And it’s everywhere that is sky
I don’t think they mean to lie
But it’s like an endless repetition
Trying to get the first edition
Of tomorrow before the dawn
Where has the present moment gone?
If it’s like a competition
And you’re fighting but you’re a Christian
Do you think the love of God means that?
And I see my own war as I balk at what they’re at
Am I any different in truth?
Have I lived the promise of my youth
Or do I just see an enemy
Trying to get the best of me
Where did brotherhood go
Or being a sister in the know
I think the silence will tell
All of the secrets they keep so well
But I see it in myself
It starts with you now the cards have been dealt
And it’s up to the sunlight to show the dawn
I know it might be hidden but it isn’t gone
The peace beneath the waves
The ground under what is paved
Do you know who you are?
Or do you just make a black hole out of a star?
As the constellations show their age
Light years away from the war we wage
Do you think it means aught to the sky
We’re born, we live and then we die
What is permanent
Could you say the Truth is an event?
Or is it more like a scene
That wakes as we live the dream
Thinking it’s our own creation
The defeat and the elation
Just polarities
And does it matter who disagrees
If we’ve invested thought
With the rhythm of the schism we’ve bought
But are you caught
Let go and become all that you’ve sought
And when the night arrives
Be content with what survives
Each and every dusk
I let go the weight and I just trust

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The Tough Girl Image

I keep it all on lock
But I can never be what I am not
I click my tongue
I’m impervious and I am young
Til the facade cracks
And I’m all lost in I can’t have you backs
As the days age
And I spill ink upon a page
Or burn a little sage
Oh, to demonstrate what I feel is true
Lost in a dream of me and you
Or us and them
I run the film clip all over again
When I stride through halls
Now I renovate and knock down walls
Do you love me true
Coz I found myself with all of you
And I can let the refrain
Cancel out the years of pain
Why do I hold on
To what is already gone
And deny what’s here
The water in the lake is crystal clear
As it reflects the sky
Why in the world must everything die
Only to be reborn
I was the earth outside of the storm
The solid ground
As the wind twists the air into sound
It reverberates
Like a glacier that equates
Ice with movement, don’t you know
But there are places it can’t go
As it meets the sea
I’m more than what appears of me

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Do I trust in thin air
Coz you are gone but you’re still there
And, man, you know how to stare
As I run my fingers through my hair
It’ll never work
And I don’t want you to get hurt
But it’s so frustrating
Coz we aren’t even dating
But I saw you see the Sublime
When you looked away from mine
Into your own
And you know the flower’s grown
Since last you saw it
A lotus petal attempts to thaw it
As spring comes after winters cold
And though I said it you weren’t told
Coz it didn’t sink in
And you’ve just got this unearthly grin
And I’ve stopped staring at the diamond mines
Dunno what you’ve been doing all this time
You could be married or have a child
D’you remember the days we both were wild
It’s long gone now
And you’re conventional somehow
As I skip stones to prove I was right
You said you just didn’t want a fight
But it all dissolved
And, fuck it, you know it’s never solved
As I rest my head against a wall
Trying to forget my own freefall
Into open air and space
I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t taste
The honey sweet in the jar
But I still don’t know what you are
In your mystery
Could we be more than history
Some kind of friends
Coz I’m in a canoe, you’re the riverbend
And I just sail
In the wind and in the hail
You’re the one true light without fail
You kinda broke me outta jail
Into open fields
The wind blows and the wheat it yields
It just gives way
There’s so much that I didn’t say
But owe to you
I don’t think you know what to do
But neither do I
Though I’ve seen that which doesn’t die
The deathless realm
It’s its own ship and at the helm
Are all the things you didn’t do
I meant it when I trusted you

Supernova Dreams

All I know about you is your page
And that you used to love rage
But I don’t know where you’re at now
There’s a distance between us somehow
And I don’t want to start a war
Do we even know what this is for
As the dew falls on the grass
Was it just that I didn’t ask
To be your friend
Now I’m sailing round the riverbend
To open fields where the grass is green
I won’t forget your supernova dream
But I see beauty everywhere
Like it was mystical in your stare
And your look could never be beaten
You look thin, have you eaten?
And you grew strong with every word
And I am flying like a bird
In open air
I’m so glad that we met there
So that I could see
The machinations of destiny
Turn the wheel
A cog on cog that was so real
You’re beautiful
I hope that your heart is full


Does everyone lose themselves 
To the fairytale
The one true dream
That is not for sale
But it’s all spinning round me
Like a kaleidoscope
And Regina says
To begin to hope
And I’ve never been anything
But a summer’s day
I didn’t realise
You liked me that way
And all the leaves
Are falling down
It’s autumn
Just outside of town
And I’m spinning your poetry
On my fingernails
Holding on
To the guardrails
In case you draw me in
It’s not long til the winter begin
Though it’s a whole season away
I tell you that I cannot stay
But you’re still holding eyes
Like I’m holding hands
As we walk the beach
Of fortunate sands
And see with eyes that have been gifted
It wasn’t the first time the snowstorm lifted
But it sure was deep
I shake you coz you’re still asleep
And it’s morning time
I looked into your eyes and saw the Sublime


I’m crying to the sound of Gary’s voice
Because he make silence out of noise
And I love him so but we’ve barely met
Except that one time I won’t forget
In the line up at HMV
I’m sweating coz the next one’s me
And I don’t know what to say
To my hero today
But he grabs the CD and with a smile
He writes his name and all the while
My heart is pounding in my ears
Because he made meaning out of tears
And the other guys, I love them too
Johnny asked “How are you”
In his northern accent, his beautiful twang
And it was just like some bell had rang
And we take a picture, me and Caroline
I’m smiling so you know I’m fine
But my heart is breaking in my chest
At all the seasons I loved the best
And I wonder will you ever know
That you’re the sky and not the snow
And a place I’ll always go
I love you, dear, so I let it show

Simple Times

It seems like a dream that could never come through
That I could be worthy of the forest of you
But no, she exclaims
As she’s pouring down in the shower of rains
I love you so
And I know she will not go
So how do I kick it to be more than I can
And she will not settle for just any man
She moves in close then pulls away
Is the queen of making everyone’s day
But she’s got a dark side
I can see the waves roll
But they only announce
The expanse of her soul
How she could find love
In someone like me
Who just wanders round
It’s no way to be
And I calm her sighs
And all her utterings
Her beautiful stare that sets hearts a fluttering
Do you think you could be true to me
She asks in all sincerity
And I sigh, brush the question aside
Because you know you cannot hide
And what was once trees is empty ground
But no, she says, I hear the sound
And who’s to deny the butterflies
The beautifuls and never say dies
She’s gorgeous, it’s clear it’s true
I could never find myself with other than you

Something Starshot

It seems like a strange dream to come true
That some get written while others never do
That you could wish upon a Star
To point you back to what you are
But if you’re looking the skies aren’t telling
So I’m standing in a field and upwards I’m yelling
Why did you strand me on this godforsaken rock
Hurtling through space like something starshot
And time isn’t real or that’s how it seems
The fabric of faith is lit by sunbeams
And you can only measure in line with the dial
The passage of that which has you on trial
But the wrench of separation
Could I switch to a different station
Coz the feeling of this pulverized my spirit
I think I am called but the ears cannot hear it
As it goes in fables
And willing wishes to be able
To be the one
Who shouts to have the pain undone
Oh, the ripping of paper
And all the things that seem to escape her
Do I believe in the girl?
You may as well tell tornados to twirl
Coz it’s their design
And I must accept the part that is mine
To play on the great stage
I rip another strip off of the page


Some unspoken conversation 
Passed between us both
And I’m like a guard
Always watching the coast
But you come in close
With no diversions
And I’m just shocked
I’m not casting aspersions
That you could be anything
But what you are
There’s something about
The North Star
And the way it seems
To guide you home
From far away valleys
And hills that you roam
And you’re windswept and interesting
And I have a degree
In getting to know
The parts of me
That I keep hidden
That I keep on lock
But no one can be
Something they’re not
As the leaves blow down
From the wonder of me
Who could have built
Such a tree
But the God of Creation
The One who dances
He’s full of forgiveness
And second chances
And I’m love struck and awesome
As I meet eyes
The human Being
Before the lies
The humble of heart
The meek of mind
The inheritance of the earth
For the kind

Coming To Resolution

I’ll always love you
I exclaim
I’m standing outside
In the pouring rain
But the suns breaking through
I can see its light
And I know either way
That I’ll be alright
As I get up from the ground
That is always home
And know in my heart
I’m never alone
But stand on feet
With the Grace of God
It doesn’t matter
If it seems a little odd
It’s okay
If it’s against the grain
And I may never
See you again
In the form
That is temporary
But you live in my soul
Like the washing of
The water that cleanses
I give away
All that offends us
To be free
And to be pure
Amazing Grace
And its allure

The Holy Instant

The Holy Instant
Cut like a knife
Slicing through
The dream of life
It slowed time down
Then sped it up
So I could see
That all is Love
It pointed out
The just refrain
The irrelevancy
Of all pain
The beginning
And the ending
The stitches that
Are slowly mending
To repair
The broken seam
As you become
What you’ve always been
And what you never are
Can’t be seen
The light that is
On a sunbeam

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To Be Born Anew

The spectre of late thirties lies before me with wills
The bucket must empty before it fills
And all the lockets I keep so safe and warm
Are nothing but silence within the storm
And the wind it howls, beats against the doorframe
Like the terror of time that knows my name
Coz it’s aging and fading, then again to bloom
And I am the Space within the room
I am the Awareness that keeps the body breathing
I am the Love in the absence of needing
I am the stars and I am the wild
Who long ago moved through this life as child
And it’s agile and free, beautiful and still
It captures each moment on the windowsill
To grow like a branch out from the tree
I seem to call this incarnation me
But it’s more and it’s less than words can contain
I try to describe it but I do it in vain
As all the rivers join the great sea
And realise their Eternity
I’m washing the coast with the beat of a wave
And there are a million things I try to save
But I let them all go as I open my hand
Give in to the ocean that turns rock to sand
Give into the heat that turns metal molten
I am a colt and thinking of bolting
But I’m held in this moment by the Decree
“All things of creation are expressions of Me
And none can move outside my command
I lift up the waters when I raise my hand
And unusual as it may seem
I’m calling you to wake from the dream
I’m calling you to stand up strong and true
Let my strength move through you”
And I’m barely breathing as I suck in the air
I’m living this life like an answered prayer
And to grow old is but a device
To get you to go deeper and maybe think twice
And ponder the source of your own Being
I’m just translating the light that I’m seeing
As it shines on every blade of grass
Open your heart and let it ask
For all that you’ve been dreaming of
The weather calming to a dove
And that the source of all is Love
Let go and live what is above

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To Be In Relationship

Do you have to hide a part of yourself
To be in relationship with
And I’m all
Sarcastic wit
But do you think you could love me
For my flaws
Instead of the sun
The icicle thaws
But the feeling gnaws
And eats me up for dinner
But I’m seeing through the sinner
As the light reflects kaleidoscopically
There’s a mountain to every valley
And I look down from mine
At all the colors that make the sun shine
And I remember
Skipping a beat
The moment that
I felt the heat
As you hold your eyes on me
And I lose it all by degree
Do you think you could hold my hand
And live up to what we had planned
But I tore down the picture
Wouldn’t live by the stricture
Of a voice that commands
Is that what it means to love a man
I’d rather be alone
But I still stare at my phone
And the quiet it imbues
The door slams as I sing the blues
And I know there’s better than this
I’m sorry I didn’t think to miss
The last line of the song
Stop telling me that I’m wrong

The Dream Will Realize

Talking to the God who remembered me
To realise the dream was destiny
As He pulls apart what’s held me back
Points to the mere feeling of lack
That is the state of the human condition
Your attitude coming to fruition
In aimless days
And letting things just go their ways
Until the lightning strikes me
I dunno if everyone likes me
But in this new hue
It doesn’t even matter what you do
It all flows through
The river that winds to the sea of you
It finds its way
So I give in and say okay
That the great swathe
Might take me up to offer a page
To my pen with ink
Just please don’t ask me to think
As I abide
In Awareness I no longer try to hide
It’s full force the flood
I’m washed away and it was good

The Road and the Reins

Andrew Bui on
The crack of Gary Lightbody’s voice
Sings a song within me without choice
As he holds his own refrain
And makes something new of the pain
And I can hear myself in the sound
Like I’m standing on solid ground
With the beacon of love, friendship and clarity
Something to preserve my sanity
Coz I try to fight but it’s not working
And all my rebellion is simply hurting
As I find a new way to be
Please be kind and don’t judge me
Coz I’m cutting my own swathe
There’s nothing that love doesn’t save
And there’s nothing a trail can’t blaze
I guess this land knew how to raise
A daughter like me to realize
That we exist under blue skies
That we stand beneath the same sun
And if you’re looking, it’s for everyone
As we grow older but stay the same
There’s something hidden behind every name

Beyond The Darkness

We’ll be together in the end
Can I call you brother
Can I call you friend
Coz you’ve got arms
That go on for days
And I am the sunrise
In so many ways
To break across landscape
Like a new dawn
It’s giving back
All that was gone
All that was wrenched
From my grasp
And I proclaiming
It doesn’t last
Then lose myself
In my own weeping
Coz you’ve got to know
I wasn’t sleeping
In days you came
To knock on my door
And I knew you then
As before
But do I know you now
It’s somehow true
And I’m seeing stars
In the oceans of you
As the veil comes apart
Like cobwebs in my hand
As I finally let go
And I understand
That the realm beyond
Is held right here
And they know I hold them dear
There’s no catch
Left to latch
The door
And I’m not in pain

He’s Highway 69

He could see through me
Read me like a book
Always coming back
To a second look
And he’s cool as a breeze
The wayfaring stranger
The essence of omnipotence
And absence of danger
And he smiles and he laughs
And he holds my hand
I turned round to say
Shur, amn’t I grand
As the twinkle in his eyes
Does a merry dance
What I wouldn’t do
For another chance
At your magnificent glory
You’re ten stories high
And I think I’m gonna love you
Til the day that I die
As you move through the waves
Like you were born on a beach
I have stuff to say
But you’re just out of reach
But meet me right there
And just so with your beauty
He’s highway 69
And just the kind to suit me

The Rain and the Sky

Max on
Fighting with the wilderness 
Fighting with the rain
I can feel the pain
Come at me again
And it’s wearing down the structures
Of the egoic mind
Until no one
Is left behind
And I clamber over bricks
I clamber over walls
I get lost in love
And free for all’s
Till it finally comes back
To where it started
The moment Truth
Was imparted
The moment it shone
From the sky
And I realized
I never die
Only transform
From one state to another
Or beyond them both
The witness is lover
To all that unfolds
Gently, unique
There’s a power there
I could never speak
Only pay tribute
And testament to
It resides in the heart
Of both me and you


Syed Hadi Naqvi on
The depth of the ocean 
In the blue of your eye
I look into them
And see what cannot die
What is age old
And circumspect
I’m silent a moment
Don’t know what to do next
But you pick it up
With a reply
Don’t you know you’re spacious
As the sky
And the eons move
And the constellations spin
I’m watching the motion
In the mountains of him
I’m watching the film
As the play reels
I’m wondering now
What it is he feels
And if he ever
Doubts his strength
I found my own
In the suspense
And I deep dive
Into the sea
I’m like the air
You can’t catch me
Only love
What we share
I’m silent a moment
And he was there
To hold on to
What can’t be spoken
I smile
And he thinks I’m joking
But I’m serious
And profound
Do you hear the silence
In the sound?
Do you see the mystery
In what can’t be held
I look at you
In the words you beheld
In the forests that grow up
To be proud and green
You’re beautiful
And you’re serene
You’re effervescent
You’re timeless, you’re pure
You’re the one thing
That I know for sure
In all that’s
Passing by
I love you and I
Don’t have to try

Loving Kindness

Sending loving kindness to every being
It is a whole new way of seeing
As darkness threatens to consume
I find a way out of the room
And into the light of the only Son
He whispers that I am the one
To find peace inside myself
There’s a depth within, abundant wealth
And when you cry you’re not alone
You never have to carry it on your own
Coz He is there right by your side
Each step you walk while you’re alive
To hold you in open arms each day
He paved the path so walk His way
And hear the sound of peace abound
He picked me up from the ground
So I could stand tall and be
One with everything I see
In oceans and in forests green
Love is all that’s ever been


Clambering up and over
The fence of my life
We only live once
You don’t get to do it twice
So make sure that you live
With all of your heart
Make room to forgive
And share a part
Of all that you know
With whoever you meet
Your footsteps they walk
But it’s the ground that they meet
As you trod your own path
Through the forests to shore
I know God exists
And that he loves me more
Than I could ever count
With my eyes on the stars
He let me go free
Now I’m all what you are’s
As the clouds in the sky
Bounce with sunlight
Get up off the ground
And you’ll be alright
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps
And become serene
Wake up in the night
Because it is a dream
And you don’t have to go days
Upon days with no end
Make peace with presence
The Universe is a friend
And will reflect back
What you’ve yet to know
The pain is a burden
So just let it go
And be bourne by life
As it holds you up
The one in the all
The essence of love

Mysterious One

Are you the mysterious one
I find you when I try to run
But you just catch me and hold me up
I walk a thin wire, could you call it love
Because you look at me with those eyes that have seen
So much of what we all have been
And you are ancient and somehow you’re young
And we are an almost never begun
As you brush aside the cobwebs of mind
I love you enough to leave it all behind
And your notes in the book that I keep
Have formed into songs that sing me to sleep
As an angel thought us both up
If you’re looking for happiness, well you’ve got it, love


He just lights up
Even more than he’s already lit
I never realized that love
Had something to do with it
And all of my forays
Somehow engender
A peace I
Don’t have to remember
Something always there
And abides
It just confides
In me to be
Honest and true
Even when you’re alone
There’s something loving you
As it falls from the sky
In sheets of rain
Or plays out in music
To glorious refrain
On a many stringed instrument
To let you know
You can have faith
And let the pain go
Let yourself be
And let your heart
Run free across
The fields it darts
To find a spring
Amid oceans of snow
It found me there
I thought I’d let you know
And out of the ground
I saw forests grow
With a river to flow
And there by the brook
Was the peace of my soul
It’s a story
That’s never been told
It is an ocean
And it is the sea
I abide and reside
In the core of me
And the flashing lights
And the buzzing of neon
Are nothing amidst
The silence of beyond
As everything rests
In its own place
A cosmic dance
In the middle of space
And the peace it imbues
Is of a lasting kind
Beyond the singular
Domain of the mind
Beyond the rigid
Way of knowing
Into a depth
That’s ever going
As I realise
That love is all
And open up
To its call

The Divine Spark

The Divine Spark of Consciousness 
That burns in us all
Doesn’t matter if you’re short
It don’t matter if you’re tall
It is the substratum
Behind every seeing
It is the peace
Of your Pure Being
It is the light
That illumines the sky
It’s the part of you
That’s not gonna die
Because it is everywhere
Omnipresent joy
In the world of a girl
Or the life of a boy
Beyond the dualism
Of our temperament
It is love
It is heaven sent
And you can only know it
By being it you see
I would not have believed
But it happened to me
Pulled all the covers
Of an egoic skin
I’m not left or right
But I am of Him
As he points out the way
Beyond the clouds to above
Using the metaphor
Of a Holy Dove
And it’s you and it’s me
It’s all of us as One
I kneel down and worship
The only Son


The Universe is spanning its galaxies wide
And there is nowhere left to hide
As it all comes undone in my hands
The hourglass has freed its slipping sands
As the mountain gets worn down into the sea
I am hewn into what I’m meant to be
As the forests grow upwards to the one sun
I’m taking my time letting go of the young
And as age passes me by
I’m full of the classes I didn’t try
But joyful, brilliant, my own degree
I’m cleaning the lens so that I can see


Always trying to convey it
I can never say
The stars that are in
My mind today
And they’re all kaleidoscopes
They’re all constellations
And spelling them out
Is my enunciation
As I try to do justice
To the perfect sky
It’s held by gravity
And I don’t know why
And I can search Newton’s Laws
I can study Einstein
But I can never figure out
The Universe sublime
As it weaves and bobs
But stands still
And is unmoved
By anyone’s will
And the days they pass
And the seasons change
I stare into a depth
Of epic and strange
But the midnight comes softly
And slowly to my eyes
It’s like God
In invisible disguise
It’s like a cloak
To eternal wear
The fabric of cloth
That blows in the air

The Wise Squirrel

Thank you for tormenting me
The wise squirrel bites my tail
If I don’t live the Truth
Then I’m destined to fail
And I feel this power deep
Deep inside my soul
It’s vaster than the ocean
And the waves that roll
And it’s pulling me like a current
As I’m lost in the tide
I want to scream out loud
Live your life alive

And it feels like bricks and mortar
Like stone upon a stone
But something is drawing me
Out of where I’ve made my home
Like the boat to set sail
On a vast expanse
Did you ever watch the sun
On the water as it dance
And did you ever see a silhouette
Framed by the sky
Did you ever find the long
Grass and just lie
Underneath the clouds
As you’re breathing air
You can thank the trees for that
There’s one over there

And I feel the longing pull me
Through a needle eye
I’m not afraid to love
This life before I die
And everything’s a tumbleweed
Blowing through this desert town
But the sky will open up
And the rain will pour down
To replenish the soil
To give water to the earth
To set the plants a growing
And quench her lonely thirst

And if you ever want to thank
Someone, start with soul
I may be in this body but I’m not getting old
Or counting on tomorrow to be the one to quiet the din
If you want to find the answer you must go within
And sit down by the sill of the window of your life
Know that you are born to be the shining light
And to answer the call that beckons you forth
I can see the sun set when I’m sitting on the porch
Or morning over hills when I’ve been up all night
Contemplating things that the heart ignites
And it’s celestial, these bodies in the sky
If you knew you had wings would you be afraid to fly
Afraid to open out and trust the wind beneath your feathers
Soar above the noise and the field the flower weathers

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Universal Design

I think Eckhart underestimates the human race
And I’m not saying this just to save face
Coz I can feel an expansive motion of tide
Pulling me somewhere to abide
And it’s everywhere, in everyone
Shining brighter than the light of the sun
Bequeathing honesty and tomes
Pulling people out of their alones
Into a space where all is real
And it is everything I feel
Coz the man changed my life, he brought the stars
And I let go of my hold on my prison bars
Always a safe place to suffer in
But the water is kinder and I begin
To wade myself into the river deep
I’m awake when people sleep
And it is a promise I always keep
To find the truth and then to speak
But the going is challenging by the sea
Though I figure out it’s my destiny
Handing out hope like tomorrow’s bread
Letting love live my life instead
And the openness is something that I find
Is quintessentially good and abundantly kind
And I really do not mind
If no one sees what’s left behind
Because I pick up and origami the paper
It’s all the one and you’ll see it later
If you don’t see it now in open hands
The Universe and our well laid plans

Thunder Rumbling

The ache of the sky
As thunder rolls in 
The clash of summer 
With the weather to win

And I walk with the tide
And I sing with the breeze
And I get the feel that I 
Am picked up off my knees 

As I lift myself to the dawn 
There's sun in the air 
And the feeling of presence
Now that you are there

And who says winter
Is anything but
Somewhere to stand
And place your foot

As the trees sway
In the evening breeze
There's something about love
And the way that it frees

You from the moving 
Tide with the sea
There is an ocean 
That you get to be 

Brand New Shoes

The ocean is searing inside my soul 
And all the waves do is roll
And soar as loud as a furnace roar
Do you think anyone could show us the door
As I try on brand new shoes
Do everything but pay my dues
And is everyone just looking for news
Down in the doldrums that it eschews
And do I move with the wave I quake
I do it all for everyone's sake
Make sure my hands do not shake
And be the storm to just wake
And do the eaves run down the shore
I couldn't have wished for anything more
As I walk on every floor
I know there's a reason but I don't know what for