You look at the clock
I hold my breath
Are you gonna leave yet
Or are we alright
And I told myself
It’s better to suffer
Than admit
That you really love her
And she looks my way
And I shake
She’s in every moment
That I choose to wake

Well, what does he think
He’s staring a storm
And I think that I
Would like to keep him warm
But there’s pain in his eyes
I can see it inflect
One wrong move
And this whole thing is wrecked

Now it’s burgeoning
And the moon is whole
I think that we might be connected
By the very soul
And I’m driving down roads
I can’t go back
Thinking about the person
I seem to lack
But really you’re here
Breath against skin
Though it’s so hard
To get a read on him

And she’s everything
I could desire
Does she know
She set my heart on fire
And it burns
For her still
But I don’t know
If I ever will
Get to
Touch her in person
And everything else
Is just rehearsing

Now it’s palm to palm
A namaste kiss
I don’t know enough
To know what I miss
But he’s delicate
And fine
And I would love
To call him mine
As we age
In separate spheres
But I still hold him
So very dear

And she’s crashing the waves
Upon the shore
Does she not
Want me anymore
Or is this fate
Playing a scam
She seems to remind me
Just who I am
And the pillow
Where I rest my head
Is beside her
In an imaginary bed

Are we cocaine lovers
A drug then a high
It was hello
There’s no goodbye
When your twin flame calls
And I am enthralled
As the wall falls
It’s destiny and we are walking

Telepathy is a kind of talking

The Stars We Face

That he might be under the same sky
Thinking of me
Makes the ocean of waves
Roar with the sea
And I’ve got fire
And tenacity
But there are forests of green
I’ve yet to be
And he’s cool as a breeze
And warm as the air
Coming up from the Azores
Without a care
And what do you think
This planet would be
If it wasn’t populated
By humanity
Could you walk without fear
Roam without a care
I only know pride
Because he is there
And I only know windows
Coz I’ve looked so long
Into the spaces
Where he seems to be gone
And all of the avenues
All the winding paths
Just seem to keep leading me
The same way back
To his doorstep
At the edge of the woods
I can say that I’m here
This time for good
And the wind it howls
And pulls at my dress
But there’s something right here
I’ve got to confess
That I love you always
Unconditionally true
And I’m only ever wishing
The best for you
But it seems times have changed
And the world’s turned around
And maybe you’re listening
To my kind of sound
As it plays on the radio
Frequency waves
And there’s something about
A hero who saves
Me from the lies
With a single glance
We’re in the car park
But do you want to dance
Would you take my hand
Do I regret that tome
Where I wandered wilderness
All alone
Only to find
Your hand in mine
You are for always
Always for all time

Star Smash

You’re a star smash like an infinite career
And you’re never getting out once you come inside my sphere
And collisions override the softer sides of us
You put your faith in me and I can feel your trust
So don’t you look away when words are falling from your lips
The moon gets in the way when its a solar eclipse
And the night comes in the day with a silky overlight
I knew it when I met you that I was doing something right
So crash and feel the dirt as it rises from the earth
I thought that it was pain but then love doesn’t hurt
So feel me in your soul like I feel you in my heart
We are one universe and we can never be apart


The night comes falling in around me
And I just feel like I am free
As the stars shine bright cascadingly
I wonder who it is I’ll be

For the design is perfect pure
It’s the one thing that I know for sure
And in all of what will endure
You are the perfect ailment cure

Cause loving you is just release
You are the wrinkle that I crease
You’re the one thing that does not cease
In all of what will just decease


61cfb50fac2c90725043dd5378250617Wonderment is the surprise
To be the deep inside your eyes
To be the bend at the edge of the river
To be the strength of a light giver
And somehow I just cannot escape
Superman with his red cape
As he goes flying into town
I listen for the empty sound
Of birds in trees at the end of days
I love you in so many ways
And it all comes to a close in the eclipse
You are the one I don’t have to miss

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a902a1cc16784338171510884bff2525We’re alchemical
I don’t do a thing my honey babe
It isn’t a conscious choice
To give you all I have when I hear your voice
We’re alchemical

You say that I am changing you
You say I do the deed
You say that I am fixing up
All the ways you bleed
With my light
You don’t see it on the other side
The healing of my scars
The dark encroaches on my soul
And heals my broken parts

I can’t tell it’s you
I barely know it’s me
I just know that you are
Ying-yang of destiny

We’re a fusion most complete
Alchemy most profound
You think that we are separate
Together we are round
And one

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