You walked into the room like a storm inside the sky
And I thought that in that moment my life was completely fly
And you looked just like an angel all white light and hair
I praised God the good that I could just be there
But then the night rained down and the world was full of thunder
I could feel the water rise and I was going under
And was it all worth it, just to know your name
Cause after that experience I could never be the same
And you still shine on in a crazy rebel hue
And I am still in awe of the mightyness of you
But you don’t seem to be quite the same with me
I guess I lost my glory but you kept your mystery


I have faith in you and it won't wear down 
I'll still be here when you come back to town 
With your perfect hair and your beautiful eyes 
Each time you talk it comes out so wise 
You paint majestic the castles around 
Then get self conscious and look at the ground
You doubt yourself and faint in my gaze 
Then look back up when you see me unfazed
You peel the bubbles, their skin comes apart 
You hold them up to show you've no heart 
Your heartbeat sounds so loud in your chest 
I hear it beat out even though we're at rest 
You dangle the world on a spider web string 
Pulling the lines and making them sing 
Til all is undone you don't stop your song 
You carve out a home to help people belong 
Eyes flick to you, diamonds dance in your hair 
People tear you apart but you say "I don't care"
There's a bed of peace that sits in us both 
A sink soft armchair or a woolly warm coat
I've nothing to give but a place on my couch
You can lie there and sleep when life wears you out 
Then get up and go or make you some tea 
Whatever you do you're welcome with me 
You remind me of a hoody, cosy and warm 
The arms of heavy clouds that brew up a storm