The Vines That Pull

So I got locked up
For a crime I didn’t commit
And the doctors are in league
With the demons I’m dancing with
And they’ve got names
For my affliction
Like love and lust
Passion and addiction
And I can’t exist
Between the two poles
Do anything other
Than be completely whole
And I thought I could trust
In a fall away floor
So I stood still
And the trapdoor
From under my feet
Now me and the darkness
Finally meet
In movements that reach
Across my bedroom floor
It’s not really
Less is more
More like a mystery
Than a conundrum
The wonder is that I
Can’t discover Him
Where he always was
Like light was put on pause
And the Saint I love
She talks about the distance
Between the God of peace
And the rest of existence
So I know I’m not really
On my own
Then it bursts to life
In true colours shown
Like the whole world was pulsing
With this desire
And the heart of the matter
Was a burning fire
That gives rise to lit in the tree
Like Moses says God is talking to me
And the Divine has its own language
It speaks in tongues
And I could translate them
When I was young
Now all of the words
Turn to a silent tone
Like the crackle of static
On the other end of the phone

The Great Calm

Enough of your reign over this land
I was honest and faithful, you were underhand
And you always find ways to point out my flaws
Say what’s underneath when the ice thaws
And you gave me pause
A moment to think about a hidden clause
In all you perambulate
Find a way to get out of that state
And into another
You were never close to being a brother
To me
And I see
All the design done deleteriously
Is falling into my palm
You were the storm before the Great Calm


I don’t want the traditional life
Not hand to shoulder then be a wife
I want to soar with my wings full open
Not getting by or how you coping
I want to see the stars with my own eyes
I want to shed my leaves like a disguise
And stand solid like a tree
Are you making fun of me
Coz I know you are all motion
And I am still, I’m just supposing
You think I’ve missed out on stuff
But there’s more than one way to love
There’s more than one way to be
But it’s rare the one who really see
With their own eyes deliberately
Don’t think you’ve made a fool of me
Cause I dive in loving the water
Priceless doesn’t mean you’ve bought her
Only that you’ve reserved a space
In the corner of her face
When she smiles up at you
I love it coz I would too


Maybe I was wrong about the weather
Maybe I was wrong about the stars
Maybe I tried to map constellations
Along Earth’s isobars
And are we all just dust
A collection of particles in space
So though we both live and die
Nothing ever goes to waste
And is it all alive
Just a breathing, heaving mass
The universe is in my bones
And this too shall pass