Am I wearing 
Malas to the Supreme
Waking up
Though I'm still in a dream

And is it Grace
All of the falling apart
I can't deny
That I've got heart

And are my assumptions
To the contrary unfounded
Was it through open fields 
I bounded

And I can feel it lift
Here or there
The tumbling structures 
That I wear

And do we build God 
Or is he real
And is realisation
More than just what I feel


I came for You
Not for your friend
Not for the beginning
And not for the end
Not for the light
Not for the dark
Not selling shoes
At the cattle mart
Only for this
This as it is
If you think this is it
Then only be his
For it means more
Than you think you know
I pointed the way
So now you go
I pointed the path
In between trees
And you don’t have to love me
Down on your knees
So get up and walk
No cripple you are
I don’t think you know
How you’ve come this far
To be right back
Back where you know
Don’t complain about Me
When You are slow
And Nature will work
In mysterious ways
Many messages
But it’s the one thing she says
Look to Yourself
Always, always
And Grace will come for
All of your days


The Grace of Guruji
Manifesting in my life
I didn’t know the Truth
Until you came into my life
I had ideas
I had games
I had bodies
I had names
But I never had my Self
Can such a thing be said
Thought you knew Beauty
Only after you were dead
But illusion crashed down
Like a tree upon the hill
Breaking all the branches
I had clung unto at will
Til monkey mind is no more
Walking out the door
I didn’t know that I was lying
Til I stood up from the floor