Older Now

I was young and stupid
To turn you down
I wore a cool dress
Would you be around
And you’ve got eyes
That go on for eons
And I’m just staring
Trying to capture scenes
Of college and cool
And red as a ruby
It doesn’t take Einstein
Or Scooby
To figure out
I like you
There is no doubt
And your fortress is just a wall
And I ask you to let them fall
As we hold hands
Throw your arm over my shoulder
And I feel as though the boulder
That I carry has dropped away
And I’m lost for words to say
Coz you leave me speechless, in awe
And I can feel my icicles thaw
In the warmth of your soul
Your fire is embers glowing coal
And the heat is burning away
All the barriers I hold at bay
Do you think that we
Could rock out and see
Everything there is to be
It took some time but you’re dear to me
And I hold a candlelight for your frame
I stutter the words that make up your name
Do you think it would be the same
If I took to the road and you airplane
Over my fields so green
It’s oceans I have seen
In the age of you
There’s nothing you have to do
To be the pure you effortlessly are
I see you reflected in a star