If You’re Logged In

If you’re logged in 
I hope you see
The monument
You are to me
And I’m looking up
You’re looking down
And babe we could run this town
If it was a two by two
I’m getting a home ready for you
As I make the tea
And we find our way when we can’t see
And maybe it is wrong
To covet the fold
But the path you walk
Is solid gold
As arms wrap around
Did you hear the sound
Of our silence dear
Isn’t the water pretty clear
When it’s still in a pond
And, no, I amn’t gone
Just waiting in the wings
And my heart it sings
For you, my love
You set the fire, I’ll free the dove


Find your way back to me
Make future history
And stories we can tell the grandchildren
That gather round the hearth
And what you save for me in the dark
And you can tell her she’s welcome too
Or I am with her and you
It’s just I can’t write this off
And it’s not a sunk cost
But something I’d invest in
Even if it didn’t win
And there have been trees in the forest of me
Falling onto pine needle dignity
As they hold me against my will
And all of my senselessness spill
Into hilarity
I’m laughing at the thought of you and me
On my bed in a chasm
And I love that she still has him
Coz they look so perfect together
And d’ya know it’s lovely weather
For a sky to break
And I’m counting every breath I take
Coz they’re numbered
And have you ever wondered
Just what’s fueling your love affair
Don’t you feel me there
In lashes and guilt and opening doors
Are men too quick to call women whores
For being connected to another dimension
And this is just a logical extension
Of the need to be
Quintessentially free
Did I learn from my degree
That she
In effervescent tones
Sparkles when you’re all alone
And diamonds can’t buy what’s given
Some people survive and call it living
And I gotta say
I can’t save this for another day
But anyway
Hit me up, if that’s okay?

Love And Oceans Apart

Photo by Rodolfo Quiru00f3s on Pexels.com
We are love and oceans apart
But that is nothing when it comes to the heart
As I struggle to get by as we 
File it away like destiny
Knows nothing about the something we are
I see you reflected in the great star
That shines down on us from its place on high
I don't know why but I'm not afraid to die
Yet I see these children suffer in pain
And I want to run rings around the world again
Clean up every mess and lift every smile
Make sure no man walks the green mile
Coz we're peace at our core, we're peace in our soul
And it's gotta be together if we wanna make it whole
And they say zero hunger by 2030
But I think we can speed it up coz it's worth it
And there are so many lives to touch
I look in their faces and I love them so much 
Enough to put myself on the line
Say there's a wasting and there isn't time
Enough to just kick the can
Further on down the road like a real hard man
I gotta be stellar in my interpretation
Make sure all these girls get an education
So they can rise and be equal to
Anything anyone else can do
And there's mass emigration and there's starving to death
I don't think that I could ever forget 
The faces that I see on a tv screen
There's no use in saying it's only a dream
Coz what could consciousness do but respond
Now's not the time to kick back and abscond
And I keep worrying about how I look
And if I'll be killed if I don't do it by the book
But I gotta be honest and I gotta be real
There's a mountain of trouble we all have to heal 
And if we can then maybe we'll feel
Something akin to cutting a deal 

Writing My Storm

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com
Writing my storm
Well, at least I'm warm
Coz the thunder rumbles 
And the lightning cracks ground 
And I can feel the heat surround 
As the cold front meets it match
An opposite in a roof of thatch
As it sets fire to what it knows
And it's, you know, anything goes
And I've destroyed everything I once had
I speak my mind and I feel bad 
But at least I'm living 
Is it time for more forgiving 
Of the grudge match I keep with her
Coz I'm mad at what we were 
As she'd take a little pick
And chip away at me, so to speak 
Carving out a Michelangelo
From all the places I will not go 
Til suddenly the dial it spins 
And she's cast from my withins
In a door slamming shut on time
I can't acquit you for this crime
Coz if I did you'd do it again
And I don't know if I can call you friend
As you take what you used to know
And sacrifice it on the go
On an altar you worship days 
And I'm confused in so many ways
Coz I thought we were cool but I resolve
Not to be a problem to solve
But the answer I've always craved
I guess it's Heaven and the unsaved 

Makeshift Home

Do you live in a makeshift home
A cardboard box you live in alone
And are there decorations on the wall
Or do you bother with all that at all
Coz I've watched lives burned down to dust
Watched the vagaries and the absent trust
As everything turned out naught
Like you're a fisherman and your net was caught

But I've also seen sunrise break up the day
Tell the night that it will be okay
And the fading of twilight come the dawn
Is like Easter when the winter is gone
And I've lived both sides of the conunderum
I been so sure that I left them wondering 
If it's just a delusion I've held onto
But the truth is fire and it's burning you

And there are eaves that run with the power of rain
A summer solstice I wouldn't do again
To feel the pummeling water down 
Like my feet are puddles in the air that drown
Out the noise of unimpeded consequence
People will tell you that you're due for rent
When all you've done is breathe in the air
And enjoy the facilities that are left there

So, what is the future likely to be
Will we bury the ocean under the sea
Will we poison the atmosphere and heat the air
Til the people in Africa know we don't care
Coz their land is arid and often dry
The rivers run cold and the children cry
Out for a piece of food to eat
While we make war under our own feet

And will I just be a paragon in the future looking back
I'm not setting myself up to be a life hack
I wanna make a difference and I'll make it now
If the Universe conspires with me somehow
To release the pain like I'm lancing a boil
So the robots do the work and the people toil 
In sweatshops in Asia and all of our shoes
Coz less than the amount we use to pay our dues 

The Unearthly Calm

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com
I see the faraway shore
Beckoning me to something more
And I understand 
That nothing good can be planned
As we grow up 
Like a tree
It's not up and over
But organically
And there's enough food
To feed each child
Enough land 
To let the animals roam wild
And did we build this monstrosity
That is growling in my face
I have to speak up 
For the human race
Coz we're going down
And if we don't shift
The present moment 
Won't be a gift
But an encumbrance
That we bear
I feel the fabric
Start to tear
As the seam
Is pulled to the edge
Don't let the money
Go to your head
As you earn and as we burn
The stifling and the axis turn
That leads us down a narrow path
Makes me wonder what we might be at
To poach the seas til they run dry
To pour the concrete til the soil die
And I've got this hefty weight to carry
Will I bear children and marry
But all I hear are the cries of the damned
And all the innocents no one understands
So if I've a prayer
It's help me, God
Live with Love 
And not the rod
That snaps down on a soft palm
They say that there's an unearthly calm
Before the tidal wave
So take the noise as a sign to save
While we still have time
What is your path
Coz I know mine

The World Must Turn

The night came down on my like an evening
There was a day when I stopped believing
In all that I'd been taught to know 
Coz it don't explain the way that you go
And I stand there looking 
But it's to no avail
And there is a moment 
When all words fail 
And all that's left
Is the tears
And I cry them 
For years and years 
With no break in the monsoon
And when I'm alone in my room
I can express what you mean to me 
And how we have our date with destiny
I held on tight
But nothing can extinguish the light
Once it has started to burn 
I finally realise why the world must turn

50 Year Stand

We could have a fifty year stand
And I could live with holding your hand
But I could never be bound to profess
That I’m anything more than this minidress
And what I’m meaning to confess
Is that I reach for you in my distress
But I don’t see forever in your eyes
Because, you know, everybody dies
And I lost him at seventeen
When I wasn’t even in the dream
Just walking back from lunch
Ignoring that petty hunch
That had you sidelines and sideways
I don’t care what anybody says
Anymore coz they’re all liars
And I’ve set one too many fires
Under who I’m meant to be
I’ve grown up but still don’t see
And the diagrams all refract
The way you can’t get people back
Once you’ve lost your hold on them
If I could would I live it again?
Just to feel the same old pain
If you walk on grass do you curse the rain
That made it green and fresh
It’s been years but I don’t forget

Central Park

Is it too long left unspoken
I say, man, I’m only joking
But I’m serious as death can be
I loved you so I set you free
But I spend every moment wishing you were here
I love you so much, my dear
And I every time I fail to catch
I leave the door on the latch
Just in case you’ll walk in
And I make up stories of me and him
To keep me warm in the grey dark
And I just walked around Central Park
Wondering what was there to give
If there’s a life I can let live
But somehow moments in the stunning
And I’m just running, running
Away from this pain that caved inside
Is there a reason why I hide
From all I thought I knew
It all revolves around you

Ending My Enmity

I’m ending the fight I have with the stars
Running through fields like I’m chasing cars
And the sound of you is on the breeze
Like a younger me the tree frees
As I’m walking through the columns and rows
Letting go of the loss of anything goes
And finding my steadfast in the sight
Of everything in the firelight


I've got a destiny
I can feel it in my bones
And it has something to do 
With saving people's homes
With finding a diagram
That will fit the screen
I have to make reality
Out of the thing I dream 
And the stories I tell 
Myself quietly at night
There has to be a way
To make the world alright
To cause and effect
And point out the tune
And I am not alone
When I'm sitting in my room
When I'm sitting by myself
To ponder life as real 
There has to be more
Than the way we cut the deal

This Winter

The feeling of panic

Knarls in my stomach

Maybe this is too much to be

Maybe there’s so much yet to see

But the aching roars

And the spirit soars

To become an avalanche

Of my own making

And I count every one

Of the breaths I’m taking

In case I misplace one

Amidst the snow

The winter has gone on

For so long, you know

Small Wonder

There are some things you cannot deny
Like a love that will never die
Like honesty and what is right within
You cracked my exoskeleton
Thin into a little strands
That broke apart into your hands
And smiling as you realised
You held it all in the tears you cried
That could never be wrong or crossing the line
I think you and I will be just fine
As we make a bloodless, solemn pact
That we will always come back
To this place we share and each other
I love you, darling, my soul brother
As we’re held together by more than thread
You show your fragility instead
Of the angry exterior wall
Of strength and impressions fall
As I realise that you are him
I’ll never have to look again


There’s a sadness in our laughter
And I can’t make the smile crack my eyes
There’s a pain underneath the surface
And it all feels like lies
Like the truth we cannot grasp
And I want to walk away
But we are now so seldom
Something makes me stay
And all of your excitement
Seems in direct contravention
To the lives that we have lived
And the things we do not mention
But, in truth, I do not blame you
That you kicked off from the shore
It just hurt to know
You don’t love me anymore



An emotion that rises from the bowl of my heart
Blue round the edges, midnight from the start
It grows up like waves and encircles me whole
Submerged by its weight in an ocean of coal
In a river titanic that’s growing in size
Bearing down quick and destroying my lies
More hell than heaven, harbinger of doom
The death of us all coming in soon
Fading in a moment, all the people I love
The strength of this sunk like a dove
Close my eyes, my pupils turn in
To meet dark with dark and see what it brings
I can’t bear anymore to watch people leave
My heart shredded up as it hangs on my sleeve
No words of kindness, no enveloping hugs
Stems a current that burgeons out plugs
Any attempts that I make fall flat on their face
As I hold back air like I’m losing a race
Futility complete as I reflect my own eyes
To feel it all fall the point of my life

I’m not of this place, could not be my home
When I was born to love those that are gone
True to the feeling that beats in my soul
Feel it on my lips as it swallows me whole
Drop into sunshine, drop away from the tears
Know I’ve been alive for millions of years
Those not around are a dew drop away
Feel them touch my skin when I just let it lay
Closer in absence than they ever have been
A taste of a world that I’ve never seen

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/206673070378676877/


It’s ok to fear the darkness, it’s something we all feel
And it may take some time for the scars to truly heal
And though they may torment you as you turn in bed at night
I have seen the stars and it will be alright
There is a forever where horizons never reach
And there is a together where you’re standing on the beach
And there is a demise to all the hate and pain
There is always sunlight just beyond the rain
So don’t hide your face my child as you lie there alone
There is a God of sorts and he will take you home
And he is not all thunder and all harrowing might
He is the thing inside that sets your heart alight


I can’t take it when the weather changes
And the landscape rearranges
And the daylight that you thought you knew
Has been replaced by nighttime blue
When you have come to love the warm days
And the good times of relaxing laze
A change comes expected and forecast
But still sudden and meant to last
You miss the old but get on and make do
Spend all my time wishing and hoping for you