Crystal Eyes


When they decide that love is outlawed
I hide in the shadows so I amn’t caught
Spreading affection like butter on toast
I love them all but you the most
Because you have eyes that sparkle the sun
And when they meet mine I am undone
In the purity of a perfect night
The crystals reflecting the sunlight
And now I wonder to myself all the time
If it was a sin to call you mine
For a bird on the wing was born to be free
And you owe nothing to me
Except in being your own sweet self
I noticed the Lord and I knelt
To the beauty in your refrain
I just wish it wasn’t caused by pain

Never Walking Alone

I love you even if you hate me and I hate you too
I find I am lost in the smoke of this room
All the reasons and precisons I can’t stay around
But you grudgingly walk holy ground
As red as the fire when I breathe in the air
That circulates in the club when we were there
And moved to the music we can’t understand
The best nights we had are ones we hadn’t planned
Like out on the street to remixed Adele
I Someone Liked You and I did it so well
As Liverpool took us to unforeseen heights
And I crossed my fingers at your goodnights
That were too sparse for my reassurance
But your eyes are summer and you know how to do it
As you smile, I suspect it’s for some other
I’m not sure what you mean and look over my shoulder
But there’s no one there and I am stunned
Into the silence of the depths you have plumbed
Each day is a lesson in learning remorse
As I try to hold in what is building in force
And not skip the lines that crack your sidewalk
I just love to hear you talk
As you do so with an ease that belies
The blazing sincerity of truth your eyes
And all of the angels fall to the floor
Which do you pick up and which do you ignore?
All I know is I’d chase to bring you back
And be overcome when you look at me like that
Don’t die to the darkness that everyone fades
I never wanted you to go away
But if you must leave then do so in sun
And I will hold in my heart all that you have done
To not be alone me when we were together
You didn’t make much of it but I remember
You calling me to be part of the photograph
And you break my heart when you start to laugh
And crinkle the edges just at the corner
I am the girl who is caught and you didn’t warn her
And I can’t steal back the sheets you took
I don’t mean to reveal what you see when you look
In intentions that could never bear their own weight
I love you darling and that’s what I didn’t state

Lovely Lion

You’re lovely and I’m blind
Because I saw the sun
Shining in your eyes
And I knew you were the one
You hit the nail on the head
So pointedly
And I had no ground to stand on
When you looked at me
I could say that you’re gentle
I could say that you’re kind
But even if you weren’t
I still wouldn’t mind
Cause that heart on your sleeve
Is so easy to read
And if you give me a chance
I’ll give you everything you need
And the hard thing to accept
Is that for all your dignity
You made your decision
It just wasn’t me

Ancient Eyes

Just tell me please, I can hear the words
On the tip of your tongue like nested birds
I can hear it in the air I breathe
Some silent communication between you and me
I can feel you look me dead in the face
Until one or the other falls out of the race
Do you know you excite me and spiral around?
Like a Concorde breaking the speed of sound
Is it crash and burn? Is it up and fly?
Either way, its do or die

I hear your footsteps on the path
Echoing fear, the sound of wrath
The doom pours in as I imagine scenes
Where I break your heart or sink your dreams
This crashing sound, the resounding waves
Break across sheer cliffs and caves
The rush of water, so fast and brash
Feels like I’m drowning all in a flash
I hold it out, I hold my ground
Til silence overtakes the sound

You are a star that shines in my sky
You illuminate the darkest night
My brightened gaze upon your face
Leaves me beholden, in a daze
I bow my head, sink to the ground
I will not move, let the sound
Let swords and daggers cut my neck
Break my town, leave all a wreck
Encircled in a little point
Hurricane eye has me coined

I will not leave from your side
If I’m destroyed then that’s my life
I will not move from you to hell
Lie to myself, afraid to tell
Here I am, I’m in your way
Change your hair, leave or stay
A home for you, a bed of calm
When gusts are shaking fragile palms
I’m eye to eye, I’m face to face
The only thing that won’t lay waste

An armchair for you to sit yourself down
A room warmed up, a crackling sound
As timbers splinter in embered flames
No push and pull, no playing games
A cup of tea to warm your hands
And lungs and bones like flowing sands
A hug, I’ve arms to wrap you in
Shoulder on which to lay your chin
A place of peace to rest your soul
Like forest quiet, ancient, untold