Oh, the weather brought in Stephen
And I was weary with all of the leaving
Behind that I had done
Searching for the only one
And they say that awakening can land
You in a state where you’re under command
And out of the control you think you know
There’s nowhere it leads that I will not go
And I found myself in a psych clinic
I kept trying to explain why I shouldn’t be in it
But they brush past my honesty like it was lies
Pinned up a frame over my eyes
To tell me who they think I am
But I constantly fall outside the plan
And the time flowed past me like sand
Rough and brittle with the misunderstand
Til I met a common heart
And he made my pain look like art
With his smile and his self conscious laugh
I was doing yoga when I stretched my calf
And I wanted to explain just what was in my mind
Flexible around the river bend
And why do I stand for this shit
Oh, the ocean I flow with
Had me by decree
Down on one knee
Proposing a new direction
Standing outside natural selection
Into a reverberate that would sound
The corridors I walked around
In monuments to my fear
But there was always someone near
And I was shaking with the times
Am I stepping on land mines
Or is everywhere I place my tread
Safely like they never said
And it’s hard to reconcile
That place with my secret smile
The one that knows no bounds
I used to listen for the sounds
That would set me free
I am okay, but hey, that’s just me!

Stillness Is A Dragon

Stillness is a dragon
It eats me up
And there are some people on Earth
Who would call that love
Like the last marauders
Who round the bend
Who search to find
The true friend
That shines in all lights
That is every dawn
The something that’s there
When all is gone
It’s arising in me
And it’s rising in you
The bun’s in the oven
Now let the broth stew
Til it comes steaming
Into your hands
And you know the meaning
Of life on these lands

A Dream In Consciousness

Is life just a dream in consciousness 
That we are all having together
Some focal points
That personalize the weather
And we trudge and we scorn
But we don’t realise why we were born
As we find our way up the hill
But there’s clarity when things get still
And I lived a summer when someone die
I was so sad I couldn’t cry
Like a sky
Being too cold to snow
I loved him so I let him go
But I found something else
In the depths of myself
That made everything clear
And I held him dear
But I couldn’t keep him
I woke from my sleep and
I thought it was all made up
For a moment but it was not enough
To quiet my shaking hand
As realisation made me understand
That the man under the sea
Behind the boat that he
Tried to rescue was simply
A way of dealing with what I couldn’t control
It was so vast the waves didn’t roll
But made an empty silent sound
I’m lost for someone I want around
And she backed away from me
I let her go coz I want to be free
And she don’t understand
I ignore her fatigue and her underhand
That strikes out
She is full of doubt
But that don’t make more solid stone
And we are both alone
Coz we can’t trust
The moment when the balloon went bust
And splattered the paint
My mind couldn’t handle it so I faint
On the floor in front of Room One
No one knows the Sun
That shone
For a moment it was gone
Then it reappear
And a friend I hold so dear
Told me I should get it checked out
But I just want to shout
It from the rooftop
That there is no bad cop
To fear
The Lord is ever near
And catches everyone like a net
It happened to me, now I can’t forget
All that has come to pass
The time goes by but this last
Through the seasons of change
And the acting strange
And the loss is not what I thought I knew
I am always with you

Misunderstandings And Monosyllabic Replies

Psychosis walks in my door
Tells me that it wanted more
Than just to be locked in a cage
So I find some paper and let it rage
”It was never supposed to be like that”
“I said I love you but I take it back
Coz you just rained holy hell
And all these people say I’m not well”
“Well, what do you expect me to do”
“I expect you to care, why don’t you”
All these conversations with a man in my mind
Is it telepathy or being left behind
By my sanity
I utter a profanity
That evinces how I feel
I told the nurse it wasn’t real
So she handed me a pill
Set up a hill
That I have to climb to get out of here
But don’t you see, my dear
I am actually good
And the wood
Is only a forest of trees
For one who believes
And I’m letting on more than I know
If you love me let me go
As I fall onto a mattress of home
I never walk alone
Coz the King is always here
And He makes the scene crystal clear

New Dawn

I spilt all of the blood on the floor
For the sake of what I couldn’t adore
And he blames me for his strife
All because I wouldn’t be his wife
And he’s got dues and he’s got paid
But I wonder does he ever raid
The inside of a closet dark
It’s not Narnia walking through this park
As I stand tall against the wind
And the people say I’ve sinned
Because I wouldn’t bow to the extreme
Don’t they know that life’s a dream
I try to hold it in
But the word begin
To speak its own message true
It doesn’t stop because of you
And I sat shivering on the chair
Til I realized the cold don’t get in there
Unless I let it in
And I’m just dancing with Him
In this grand swathe we call the earth
Love isn’t born to hurt
No matter what they teach you in school
About the heat and being cool
Coz the sun just shot me through the heart
With a cherub’s aim and holy dart
And I fell to the floor
With the shock of something more
That just found me in the room
It characterizes the sense of doom
With a laugh and a smile
You don’t have to walk the green mile

The Gifts And The Fruits

Looking for the gifts and the fruits
Not growing up to be one of those suits
I asked why I wasn’t suddenly wise
And why it is that everyone dies
If we’re all eternal
And what is the infernal
But another cast of the dice
And reincarnation means more than twice
What do people believe
The kingdom of heaven up your sleeve
Or something new
He came to save all of you
And his example
Means no sheep is left stranded
On a mountaintop
His Love is a lot
And I find it hard to bear
The way the fabric suddenly tear
The sky in two
I was with him but thinking of You
And summer came just like a minidress
The ominous that I suppress
Threatens to override
The system that I’ve tried to hide
In all the folds and creases of paper
Get out of the rat race and caper
That endlessly flies
As somewhere in the distance a child cries
With no one too soothe
And I’m self indulgently in a mood
Coz I don’t get my way
But what would God say
If he had breath to breathe
And lungs with which the words were freed
To express themselves
Is it time to take honesty down off the shelves


Letting go of what he did to me
Letting go of what she said
Letting go of the nightmares
That haunt me troubled in bed
Coz I’m living untethered
I’m a wildebeest at heart
And all I seem to know how to do
Is make my pain into art
And I paint my own canvas
I love the glorious white
But the colours of rainbow
Make the fire in me ignite
And I throw in some earphones
It’s punk rock and emo lite
I nod to the folks you asked
If I was alright
And I’ve got fury
Burning a candle
Maybe I’m just too hot to handle
But I’m an Aries and my planet Mars
Rules the conduct in the passing of stars
And you’ll never be able to touch
What is beyond your reach
I didn’t come here for students
I’m not one who has to teach
To live my own compass point
It’s been years since the Love anoint
Me with its holy Chrism
I try to get away but it seems the answer is Him
And He brushes my hair out of my face
Looks down from Heaven and gives me a taste
Of what it must be like to live in the realm
Where God is a friend and Truth is at the helm
In the midnight of another sorrow
I get by on daydreams and the light I borrow
From the sun that gives me life
Seems the setting shade gives you twice
The morning on replay
It’s always bright at the break of day

The Obvious Within The Dream

The pain is where the river flows
And I dunno, it’s like anything goes
As I grapple with the notion of sin
And all it was with him
Like forgiveness, unconditional
So much more than ritual
As I kneel before the altar
Bless myself with holy water
And pray that it’s enough to say
I love you deeply in every way
Can you ever forgive my crime
And call yourself your almost mine
Coz I cannot cross the line in the sand
Just coz I want you to be my man
I cannot endeavor to futilely try
Because the truth is we all die
As I casually interrupt
The story that you’re calling love
With my own flair of tigress’ brand
I’ve gotta admit I had it all planned
Every moment down to detail
Go shopping but avoid the retail
Therapy they buy and sell
To have a doctor say that I’m not well
And have a man stare in my eyes
In the land of empty tries
And I could hear screams in that place
Traumatized by all I laid waste
As I listened to somebody cry
Down the hall and I don’t know why
Could it be the vale of torment
Or a place I almost went
As I lay the phone on the table
Get up if you think you’re able
But I cannot even manage a smile
Over the days I walked a mile
Back and forth to pace the floor
All criminals that I adore
Suffering in a hall
Bounded by a door and wall
And they have to buzz you out and in
Only for Barry to flash a grin
Like all’s to hell in fabrication
Another kind of education
In how to walk a tightrope line
If I did it at all I took my time
Steadying the beat of my heart
Trying to make pain into art
As someone, lying, contradicts
But her words are not stones and sticks
To batter down a casual thought
Are you all that you have bought
Or do you just give way
Yield to the break of day
And find that there is somewhere peace
A moment when the noise cease
Only to point at the scream
The obvious within the dream


In The Dark

I stumbled across the room
Toward my bedside table
I say pull yourself up
By your bootstraps if you’re able
But this loss is quenching
It burns every fuse
I get up to know
I’ve everything to lose
As we are feeble
Matchstick people
And we pray for salvation
Under a steeple
But it does no good
(Or maybe it do)
All that I know
Is that I lost you
In the avenues of a house
With many rooms
You were seventy seven
And He took you too soon
So I walk with a limp
Or something defective
I try to be brave
But my attention’s selective
As I hope for deliverance
From the decree
That say time
And Death are tracking me
Down and I swim
But the moment paused
And I met him
As I threw back and laughed
With the full of my heart
And I gave it away
In full not in part
Now he lives his life
And I count the days
We have on a clock
We don’t get no replays
Except that it all happens now
I stir and wake myself up somehow
From the dream that had been a spool
It’s called enlightenment and it’s hella cool
As I dance round the school
In my old fashioned jeans
And we’re all queens
Of our own domain
I took a breath
And accepted the pain
Temporary as it may be
It’s life and it’s talking to me


You can’t stop the slow march of time
You can only reveal the effortless sublime
And Obama sang for yes we can
But could the answer really be a man
Who could lead us all to peace
But it gets worse before the trouble cease
And we all clamber, fighting the tide
Did you notice you’re alive
Or are you so lost in the stream
That you don’t see beyond the edges of the dream
As it binds you with its swell
So much so that you can’t tell
What is true or supposition
Til pain hits you with its ammunition
And we have got to learn how to deal
With the fabric that Reality steal
To make into a dress or suit
And is Truth a just pursuit?

Is Jeremy With Ya?

Is Jeremy with ya
Are ya reading the news
It’s all I can do
Not to lie on the pews
Coz the sunshine is storming
To a degree
I wasn’t looking
When it struck me
And I fell from on high
With a thunderous jolt
Cascading oblivion
An electric volt
10,000 pulsing micro equations
I find truth on tv stations
As I flick the remote to and fro
I thought you would just know
If I let it resound
It’s like the chains don’t know they are bound
Until they fall to the clanging ground
With an unearthly shake
It was the first breath I knew how to take


I’m burning up like the flow of the river 
As all of life calls me to forgive her
Coz I can’t split in two just to spite my face
Or deny the regard of constant disgrace
And I was only a teen
But I saw through the cracks in the dream
Untoward a vast expanse
Where music makes the people dance
And I feel as though I’m on fire
Like I’ve been lit by something higher
But it always seems to come back to ground
Like I’m rooted in the sound
Of you saying goodbye
Then realizing what it means to die
As I sweated it out in the class
Then fell victim to what could not last
And I stirred on the floor as I heard her call
It was like I’d lost the wall
Separating me from creation
A moment stunned and then elation
You can call it enlightenment or waking up
Or just realizing all is love
Then I see you with your eyes downcast
And I try to forget the past
But the memory of the crush is ever fresh
And I’m still not there yet
At the part they say release
But I may just be at peace

The Fourth Quadrant

The Fourth Quadrant
Oh, beautiful design
How do I express
All that is mine
As it came in a moment
So circumspect
Amid all of the anger
That I reject
To be like a flower
Its petals unfurled
You say you know something
But it’s just the world
That lays heavy on
The frame of you
You’re waking up
And I am too
To a degree of beauty
Heretofore unseen
Oh, all of life
Is but a dream
Held in the
Consciously aware
Do you join your hands
Together in prayer?
And if you do
Do you know what’s there
I answer coz
I meet your stare
Like leaves in the ocean
Blown there from trees
It’s deeper than thought
Or what you believe
It’s music to ears
That listen for joy
It’s all of my heart
Not a power ploy


It doesn’t matter if I’m strong
It doesn’t matter if I’m weak
It doesn’t matter if I’m silent
Or have the strength to speak
All it hangs upon
Is a hook upon the wall
And I am not
Responsible for it all
For every passing tide
For every passing wind
For every passing person
Who tells me they have sinned
All that I can know
And all that I can be
Is the hole that perforates
What it means to be free

Image Credit: © Digitized Sky Survey (DSS), STScI/AURA, Palomar/Caltech, and UKSTU/AAO

Hong Kong

Sailing a ship to the furthest forever
Irrespective of bad weather
Setting sail upon the tide
Life or death I’ll be alive
As the wind lifts me high
Upon the mast that I fly
No grounded bird to always be
But on the wings of the free

Image Credit: Aqua Luna Hong Kong