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I know you feel you have to keep quiet
Cause you’re the entertainer most complete
And all of those eyes are trained on you
Like a performer in the street
But those are your loneliest moments
Where you break and the splint cracks
And try as you might to hold up the weight
You can’t get what you had back
And I want you to know, though you don’t like me at all
(Sometimes I’m the bane of your life)
That I see through the lies of your preeminent disguise
And I have you in my sight
And if you want to be fragile, come apart at the seams
You can do so in my arms
Or far away, an ocean apart
I’ll hold you when it all is dark
For though you have a life you profess wonderful
And I’m not denying it’s true
I see the gaps in between the lines
That’s hiding a part of you
Though you swam away to a foreign shore
And swore me off for good
I love you as much as the day that you left
And a million times more than I should
So if you feel alight on a cloud that is stormy
I’ll blow a breath that will bring you here
And just for a moment in the depths of the silence
You will be okay my dear
And I know that your chains are not man made
Are no shackles I can undo
But I thought you should know, though I never said
That I feel something akin to you
That sometimes in the midnight of my reprieve
I quietly surrender
To all of the fears that hang round the edges
Of the past that I can remember
And I do a double take or take a second hop
At the nostalgia in my bones
And what you cannot fix as the feeling sticks
Is that you are never alone
So quietly softly with mercenary zeal
I pave my way back into your life
If only to be, though you cannot see
Doing what I did before twice
And palm off the shrugs of everyone else
Of the crowd that surrounds
Though you don’t believe in all that I grieve
Things are better when you’re around
And monsters may come to fight your soul
On the back of your very own strength
But wherever you go and whatever you do
Just know that I said what I meant
And do not retract ne’er a line
About all that is made to stay
Though bodies may fade like a will of the wisp
My love is not going away
But born to be here as an expression
Of resident divinity
And the chasm was calling deep within
On the day that you met me
It was not mere coincidence
Or a chance encounter
It was the confluence of a million points
Of reference and order
Plotted out by galaxies
Long before our skin made blood
So don’t look away when I’m taking to you
I still stand the ground I stood
Cause held inside what you cannot see
And perceive only as black
Is the inner peace you’ve been looking for
Where you can sit back
Deep into the armchair
Of an emptiness most profound
Am I the one who sings the song
Or the one who hears the sound
Or even more imperceptible
The awareness whereby
All of life consents to grow
And in which it will die
So everglading honestly
Deep into your eyes
I know that you were made for me
And there are no goodbyes
Ever to be spoken
Between the two of us
Because we are one soul made flesh
And the heart of life is love
And all that you suffer
Is shadowed in my gait
We are but two sides of a coin
In its material state
Seemingly opposite
But of the one design
Though I could not save you from yourself
It wasn’t for lack of trying
Because I’m ever as you are
The one conscious sentience
I thought I had lost you
There was nothing when you went
And understandingly
Ungainly clambering
I sought to reach a sky
By climbing a shoestring
But celestial heights
Are not meant to be obtained
Just because I see the stars
Doesn’t mean they are contained
But inversely are embedded
In a fabric that extends
Though there is an irretrievable edge
Where even space ends
And the continuum is revealed
As no more than illusion
Perpetrated innocently
In the midst of our confusion
Like the way a light cannot
Cease to be itself
Or shine it’s radiance
Into the void I felt
So I can communicate
Or somehow convey
The breath and the depth
Of the things I do not say
And what was bequeathed
In the forests of reserve
Is that we were chosen
To burn the fires we serve
And be consumed
By all our misery
It takes pressure to make pearls
Out of rocks in the sea
And to forge diamonds
In mountainous shrouds
I pledged my life to you
Though I never said the words aloud
But river beds will tell
The story the sky forgets
An oak is standing over
The acorn that you set

Ancient Eyes

Just tell me please, I can hear the words
On the tip of your tongue like nested birds
I can hear it in the air I breathe
Some silent communication between you and me
I can feel you look me dead in the face
Until one or the other falls out of the race
Do you know you excite me and spiral around?
Like a Concorde breaking the speed of sound
Is it crash and burn? Is it up and fly?
Either way, its do or die

I hear your footsteps on the path
Echoing fear, the sound of wrath
The doom pours in as I imagine scenes
Where I break your heart or sink your dreams
This crashing sound, the resounding waves
Break across sheer cliffs and caves
The rush of water, so fast and brash
Feels like I’m drowning all in a flash
I hold it out, I hold my ground
Til silence overtakes the sound

You are a star that shines in my sky
You illuminate the darkest night
My brightened gaze upon your face
Leaves me beholden, in a daze
I bow my head, sink to the ground
I will not move, let the sound
Let swords and daggers cut my neck
Break my town, leave all a wreck
Encircled in a little point
Hurricane eye has me coined

I will not leave from your side
If I’m destroyed then that’s my life
I will not move from you to hell
Lie to myself, afraid to tell
Here I am, I’m in your way
Change your hair, leave or stay
A home for you, a bed of calm
When gusts are shaking fragile palms
I’m eye to eye, I’m face to face
The only thing that won’t lay waste

An armchair for you to sit yourself down
A room warmed up, a crackling sound
As timbers splinter in embered flames
No push and pull, no playing games
A cup of tea to warm your hands
And lungs and bones like flowing sands
A hug, I’ve arms to wrap you in
Shoulder on which to lay your chin
A place of peace to rest your soul
Like forest quiet, ancient, untold

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