I spent some time at Alcatraz
Where they punish you for feeling bad
Where the waves rise as the sea rolls
And the jailors shatter porcelain dolls
And in my time along the front
I heard a call for what I want
A little girl four years my junior
I’m watching as they try to ruin her
As they try to pull apart
The reason that she has a heart
And even though their minds are good
They’re doing things no one should
So I stand up tall on the ridge
Don’t you know that she is His
And no foibles that the thieves will utter
Can turn this ship or shake the rudder
And I will take her home
Stand back or I will alone
Seek to pulverise the steel
That tells someone what not to feel
And in my arms I felt her break
I let her crumble and I let her shake
So she would be born anew
And in that tremble I would too
So when we broke our lines apart
I looked at her for a new start
And found that she returned the favour
A double digit branded saviour
See it isn’t one or the other
We lead each other out of cover
And back into the open air
There’s a reason I was there
To hold up hope where there was none
I think the devil may be done

Photo: NanFe on Deviant Art
When God is gone and the Devil takes hold